What about the Music

What about the Music

Often the professionalism of a wedding DJ or sound and lighting company can make or break a wedding.  In fact it’s often the most underestimated service, because wedding couples don’t know what to ask or even look for when selecting the services of a DJ.  Here is some sound (excuse the pun), advice from Wedding Collection Magazine.

What’s most important is the quality of the DJ’s equipment.  It will decide whether the speeches at your wedding sound like the announcer at a school sports track or the presenters at the Oscars.  A little bit of research beforehand can go a long way to ensure the sound at your wedding won’t be a huge let-down.  Ask about the type of equipment your DJ uses and the condition thereof.  Good quality brand names for sound equipment include HK, JBL, Wharfedale Pro, Shure for microphones and Chauvet for lighting equipment  Remember that you’re not merely paying for the songs played, but for the very expensive equipment, professionalism, the overall experience and the fate of your whole wedding day from the wedding march to the last dance.

Inside the reception the DJ can dictate the mood of the wedding significantly.  Having the latest music software with special effects and fading techniques ensures that there is a never an awkward silence at your wedding.  Make sure that your chosen DJ has the latest technologies and software, which they should have if they are in the business of entertainment.  They should know how to transform your wedding into a fantasy world with professional lighting and the finest sound equipment.

Look for a DJ that can offer you design, staging, lighting, video and sound; as well as including professional DJ services.  Look for the top DJ services which will attend to the finer details and ensure a successful, smooth and well-co-ordinated production.

If you would like to make a grand entrance and wow your guests, find a DJ who specialises in pyrotechnics using small scale fireworks and confetti cannons, which will add to the ambiance of your wedding.

With so many creative ideas and latest technologies available today, bridal couples have the opportunity to really make a statement with the right DJ. Look for a DJ that can offer you professional sound systems, wireless microphone systems including lapel headsets, dance floor lighting and mood lighting, which includes ambience or up lighting.  Smoke machines or low level fog machines which will have you dancing on the clouds, your names, initials or monogram in lights, bubble machines  or bring back the 80’s with disco balls.

Last but by no means least, ensure your chosen DJ is registered and certified with SAMRO (South Africa Music Rights Organisation) and SAMPRA (South African Music Performance Right Association).