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Pont de Val,  the exclusive riverside destination in a timeless French wine, farm style venue and Wedding Collection Online Magazine team up to bring you a spectacular Wedding, Wine & Wonderful things Festival in 2020 !!

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Dates to diarise:

Date:  Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August 2020

Venue:  Pont de Val, 212 Boundary Rd Parys

Times: Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday 10am to 5 pm

Cost of Tickets: Adults visiting the show R120 per person, Children aged 12+ R60 per person per day at the door

Wine Tasting:  R95 per person per day, pay at the winery if tasting Pont de Val wines

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Interested to exhibit at Wedding, Wine & Wonderful things Festival 2020?  Click on the apply button below.

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The one of a kind,  Pont de Val, situated on the Vaal River in  Parys –  will open its doors to host a “like none other” wedding and lifestyle show; namely “The Wedding  Wine & Wonderful things  Festival”, on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd August 2020.

Visitors to the show would be able to stroll through the beautiful manicured gardens on the banks of the majestic Vaal River and the opulent venues, while taking time to absorb every detail of what is on offer from exhibitors in a relaxed setting; from enjoying the live music and fashion shows to tasting the many delicious food offerings.  Our guests will be encouraged to spend the entire day in a leisurely manner; carefully selecting the service providers they would prefer to make their wedding day dreams come true.  The visitors to this show will have the option to fill picnic baskets with delicious snacks and enjoy other scrumptious food and wine, whilst listening to the many live music performances on the lawns.  A wedding and lifestyle festival experience like no other Wedding Show has to offer!

Included in the planned events is a wine-tasting which will be hosted in the wine bar at Pont de Val, as well as other wine stands at the show. An enjoyable experience of expert swirling, careful smelling and thoughtful nodding, raise your glasses to your choice of fermented grapes. This will help you decide which wine you would like served at your wedding, and is an occasion not to be missed. Buy a bottle, a case or enough for your entire wedding. Tickets can be purchased in advance online, or at the door.

This festival will allow visitors to wander through the gardens and venue rooms, and enjoy chatting to exhibitors. There will be one fashion show which will be held each day at 12 am, and there will be plenty of giveaways and prizes.

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What to expect?

Visitors to “The Wedding, Wine & Wonderful things Festival” can expect to find a selection of top service providers as well as great ideas, advice, and inspiration for their wedding day or any occasion as well as a wine tasting experience to remember.

The two-day event will highlight industry trends as well as the latest fashion, and advice will be provided by industry experts from every aspect of wedding planning. Loads of prizes and a win a wedding prize will be up for grabs.  This show is for brides and grooms to be as well as their entourages and any members of the public who wish to enjoy a day in the country.

Picnic Baskets: Pick and buy all your French countryside eats at Le Grand Marché –then find a spot in Parc de Pique-Nique or book a boat for a floating picnic on the river. Pack your picnic blanket, picnic chairs, empty picnic basket if you like (No food or drinks please – all available at the venue) – recyclable picnic boxes are also available at the venue, cutlery & crockery – no glasses drink-ware please (disposable options available at the venue).

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