Wedding Invitations – So many Choices

Choices, choices, choices – how fortunate that we no longer have only one or two options to choose from to set the tone for your wedding day.  Here are some stunning options, have fun choosing what suits your wedding style most:

Water colour

Artistic, graceful and elegant, watercolour invitation designs are a great way to introduce a colour scheme without resorting to a floral border or motif.  Choose from abstract watercolour paint splashes or why not commission an artist to hand paint your invitations to make a real ‘wow’ first impression.


A picture can paint a thousand words, so it’s no wonder landscape invitations are set to be huge in 2019.  From skylines that have a personal meaning to bespoke landscapes relating to the wedding venue, these kinds of invitations work particularly well if you’re having a destination wedding.


Queen Victoria and Price Albert had monogrammed wallpaper as their invitations and they definitely were onto a good thing.  Monograms are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch, while keeping your invitations simplistic and classy.


Take it a step further than a monogram and get a crest made up that symbolizes both your personalities and your love story.


Geometric invitations might sound unromantic, but actually there’s a rise in popularity for all things angular.  Whether you go for striking borders or invites that are hexagonal or some other many cornered shape, a geometric patterned invite is a great choice for modern weddings.


Fuss free invitations are having something of a moment, currently.  The minimalism trend has finally made its way to wedding invitations.  Keep the essential information and ditch the embellishment.  Choose high quality paper to make the right impression.


Calligraphy was initially invented for wedding invitations.  Hand-written calligraphy continues to be a hugely popular choice. Calligraphy stationery will always remain elegant.


Handwritten invitations are a lovely way to add a personal touch.  Your handwriting can be incorporated into your invitation design and can be copied and printed onto luxury cards, combing other imitation trends as well.  Include the groom by writing each other’s names for the invite!


Destination weddings can make more of their unique location by using a map design as part of the invitation.  This approach is really effective.  Choose from ordnance survey style maps or hand illustrated ones that can add a personal touch.


Reach for the stars!!  Invites with a cosmic touch are ever more popular.  From special constellations to moons and stars picked out in foil, the universe is your oyster when it comes to invitations with a celestial mood.


There are some gorgeous marble style invitations available for customisation.  Luxurious, elegant and chic, choose marble style wedding invitations for a classic wedding with a hint of extravagance.


If you thought tiles were simply something for the kitchen or bathroom, think again.  Huge in Portugal, tile inspired wedding invitations are a unique way to add some rustic charm to your invitations.

Dark & Moody

Romance can have a mysterious side, so why not go for a darker colour scheme?  There’s a rise in demand for darker palettes, with typography picked out in silver or gold foil.  The result is striking and sophisticated.

Envelope Liners

If you prefer to keep your invitations simple, one effective way of adding some glamour and interest is to include beautifully designed envelope liners so your guest will have a glimpse into your theme without giving everything away.  Choose from illustrations or floral scenes to stripes or even watercolour designs.


Foiled invitations aren’t going anywhere and are the easiest way to add some wow factor to your stationery.  From Midas borders to silver or gold foiled lettering to dots and designs, picked out in rose gold, there’s no limit to your invitations shine factor.

Wax Sealed

Add a traditional touch to your invitations by sealing them with was.  There are so many lovely ways you can do this, from personal monogrammed stamps to a floral motif; invitations sealed in this way always look particularly distinguished.


Paper is so last year, acrylic or Perspex is being used to send the message by ultra-modern couples.  Modern, minimalist and sure to get people excited about what to expect at your wedding, losing the paper offers a dynamic new approach.

Laser cut

Whether you like a lace design, snowflakes, flowers or treetops, using a laser cut design for our wedding invitations is very on trend right now and the options are endless!!’