We love these Groom Suit Trends

There’s nothing more handsome than a man in a suit. Actually he doesn’t even have to be handsome, but wearing the right suit just makes him better-looking. At any wedding we know that the bride is the most gorgeous creature to lay our eyes upon, but so too should the groom be. Whatever your groom wears on a daily basis, his personal style can now be reflected in his wedding day. There are some really amazing tailors for grooms who can take his personal style and create something spectacular for him to also look breath-taking on his wedding day. Take note: the fit is essential.

Black Tie
The black tie, in our opinion, will never date; in fact it is having a real moment in weddings currently. If your theme is black tie, then that means everyone has to dress the part. Suave and sophisticated, especially if your groom wears a suit most days this theme would be great.
Don’t get confused, black tie does not necessarily mean a tux. A black tie dress code is more formal than business wear and typically involves a man wearing a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, an evening waistcoat, a dinner jacket in which the lapels are a different shade to the rest of the jacket, and a pair of black shoes.
Very simply, a black tie event is a formal evening event and involves men and women wearing a specific ‘black tie ‘dress code. Black tie events are generally more formal than the run-of-the-mill party or event. You wouldn’t wear the suit you wear to work to a black tie event.

Royal Blue
We’re not talking navy – royal blue is a slightly lighter shade of blue, and the current and most stylish choice for modern weddings. What we love most about royal blue suits or outfits are the different approaches to colour matching.
For a simple yet sophisticated look, a white shirt, black tie and white pocket square is perfect. Finish the look off with a pair of black toe cap shoes for easy elegance.
On the other end of the spectrum, start with royal blue and then take a trip to the other side of the colour wheel. You’ll land on reddish tones that are perfect for your accessories: tie, bow tie, pocket square, belt and even a reddish tone in your choice of shoe – burgundy or pinkish tones.

Light Jackets or Suits
If the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding day is soft, romantic and perhaps pastel coloured, then we suggest that you choose a light coloured jacket or suit for your groom. This is for a more relaxed vibe, steering away from the traditional and perfect for the summer months.
Pair your light suit with burgundy for an autumnal look. The possibilities are endless. Wear a dark shirt under a crisp off-white jacket and trousers to make a real statement; or match the colour of your trousers to the colour of your tie if you’ve opted for a light jacket. You can also get away with not wearing a tie with this look, and keep your shirt slightly unbuttoned for that sultry look!