Videography or Photography for your wedding day, which is more important?

Wedding photography needn’t begin with the big day itself. Having an engagement photo shoot is very much in style these days, with couples either having someone shooting the proposal itself, or doing a styled shoot of the couple just after their engagement.

Social media is something that is a very big part of our lives, so incorporating something like Instagram is a definite must. Pick out your very own hashtag for the big day and have guests use it when sharing on social network. You can then have your guests own candid shots printed Polaroid-style for a modern, hipster feel.

Document the day yourself – this is a trend that is definitely something different. Snap a few photos while getting ready or enjoying time with friends and family. You will definitely smile at your own quirky shots from the day.

To ensure your memories really stand the test of time, it’s worth it to invest in a professional videographer service, which will capture your day from every angle. From the ceremony and the speeches, to secret moments you never want to forget, a wedding video is worth the extra money.

On-trend at the moment is to give your wedding a cinematic feel by having a wedding “trailer” created with the footage, just as if it were a movie! Just make sure once you have your wedding video that you have a backed up digital copy as well as blu-ray or DVD versions of it.