Vermaak Diamonds are in the business of selling wholesale Diamonds and Custom Jewellery.  They are most capable of meeting your specific needs, budget and style.  They have a range of diamonds in different colours, sizes and purity, access to any and every semi-precious stones and would therefore meet your very need and desire.

All their diamonds and jewellery come with certificates of authenticity and insurance valuations that are valued at retail market prices.

Vermaak Diamonds are wholesale diamond dealers that deal within the trade and also sell to the major jewellery stores.  They buy the rough diamonds, and then cut and polish them to the highest of standards.  This is referred to as the “life in the stone,” the type of scintillation only a diamond can yield.

They use a jewellery manufacturer of great repute just downstairs from their own offices, which ensure the stones you select will be safe. As members of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa and the Jewellery Council of South Africa, you will have total closure that you are in safe hands.

As part of their after sales service, they will re-polish your jewellery when required and check that all the settings in your rings or jewellery are secure and safe.

To get the ball rolling, they require a budget figure and a picture or brief of what you have in mind.  They are adept at providing suggestions that would fit into certain price and style categories.  They can also do refurbishing and or remodelling of existing jewellery, assisting you through all the steps to owning a stunning new piece!!

They are also capable of incorporating a few different factors from a few different rings included into one or more pieces.  Visit them at their offices to discuss the ideas you have in mind, and they will generate a computer design for further discussion and detail.

There is no amount of time that they won’t take to ensure perfection of your piece or pieces before collection.  Quotes are free and quick, and the Vermaak’s are available in office from 9:00 to 4:30 weekdays and available on the mobile phones until 7:00 every day.

Vermaak Diamonds| 27 Ridge Road | Parktown | Johannesburg | Landline 011 484 3644

Maruis Vermaak  082 6000 251| Sancy Vermaak 083 8050 885