Unique Ideas to choose your Venue

The wedding industry is expanding almost by the hour and every new bride has nearly unlimited choices to work with. There truly is something for everyone’s taste. Therefore, brides and grooms- to-be are challenged to turn their own unique wedding day into a spectacular affair which guests will speak about long after the music has stopped. It is important to every bridal couple that the guests have a good time at the wedding; because great food, music and the perfect venue is the magical recipe to celebrate the start of a new journey together.

But where will you find that one of a kind setting that will knock everyone’s socks off? This is where you need to let your choice of venue inspire your own creativity and that of your service providers. Think outside of the many boxes you have gathered in your mind since that romantic proposal. Let life, both present and past, lead you to interesting and unusual choices; for the most fun and joyful wedding venue your guests have ever seen.

Think about that first kiss under those soft pink cherry blossom trees, or that special picnic by the lake. Inspiration can come in any form at any time; all you have to do is to recreate that wonderful memory into the real thing.

Consider a venue that is different and not just stylish, popular or the most convenient. The possibilities are truly endless. You could think out of the box and have, as an example, your neighbourhood’s street closed down for your wedding reception. Think about it; fairy lights hanging from side to side with romantic floral displays on the tables and music flowing together in perfect harmony with the sounds of night in the background.

However, don’t ever forget about the basics that allow a wedding venue to be the perfect “host” to all your guests. Your choice of venue will have a big impact on your wedding day, so make sure that you think it through carefully. The venue will not only be the setting where you want your guests to share a perfect day with you, it will also be the backdrop for every picture to be taken.

This brings us to another very important factor: choosing a theme. Picking a theme will help you make a lot of difficult choices, particularly the venue you choose. Everything actually starts with your theme, from the wedding invitations and drink selection to the décor and flowers and everything in between.

Where you choose to have your wedding will greatly contribute to the theme of it. You’re not going to have a tropical themed wedding in a church or a country themed wedding on the beach. Choosing the location will help you get the taste of how your wedding will look and feel. So pick a venue based on what your heart wants. Whether you have your wedding in a vineyard, on the beach or in a structured building, think about the atmosphere you would like to create for yourselves and your guests.

So, don’t be afraid to dream and experiment! Challenge your service providers to new heights, allowing your imagination to fly high above the clouds where you will dance the night away with your very own price charming.