“Time is the longest distance between two places”… Tori and Warren


Much thought and planning was put into this couples wedding day, which made it incredibly special and a very relaxed affair for the bride, groom and guests. For Victoria (Tori) and Warren, the main focus was to ensure that everyone attending would feel a part of their relationship in their own unique way. They wanted it to be exceptional and to thank everyone in a heartfelt way for being part of their lives and supporting them.


This fun loving couple met when Warren drove Tori to her matric dance in a family friend’s car. Talk about making a grand entrance into someone’s life, Tori must have looked beautiful, and Warren, we’re sure, was smitten!!


“Time is the longest distance between two places”. This saying is very true for this couple, as much of their relationship was spent commuting between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Finally, Warren chose the perfect moment to ask Tori to be his wife; in the place they would call their home. As the sun was setting he got down on bended knee, what a beautiful memory to have in the very place they would start their lives and husband and wife.



Victoria and Warren are both accountants, so balancing each other is the easiest thing for this couple. They both love to laugh and Tori say’s that Warren knows exactly how to say something to make her smile.  “My favourite thing about us is that we have so much fun together, we love to challenge and encourage each other, and we motivate each other to pursue our passions in life and careers,” smiles Tori.


As fate would have it, Tori saw Molen Vliet online, and she instinctively knew that the venue ticked all the right boxes for her, however, they had a look at a few other venues, forgetting all about Molen Vliet.  Then one day Tori received a reminder mail about the booking they had made to view it.  The rest they say is history as it was love at first sight for this couple, the words they use to describe the venue is elegant and classical, exactly what they were looking for to exchange their vows to each other.


Tori says there was no specific theme to their day, but wanted it to be elegant and relaxed. Their main goal was for their guests feel at ease and to enjoy the evening to the fullest. Of course she wanted it to be beautiful and elegant. Tori knew she wanted white flowers as part of her décor, and in particular hydrangeas and tulips which she loves, so she opted for gold, green and other neutral tones as well. She cleverly left the details to a wedding planner who she admits found the most exceptional florists and décor teams.  These talented teams put something together for the couple which they thought was beautiful and went with their recommendations.  She trusted them completely to understand her and Warren’s style and they not only met their expectations but exceeded them on all accounts.


When asked about how Tori achieved her wedding look, she admits to ditching Pinterest and physically tried on dressed to find what suited her body type. She did, however find Elbeth Gillis’s gowns online and knowing which shape she was after, fell in love with her gowns and made an appointment.  She did not have to try on many, as the second gown she tried on was “the one” and made her feel like herself, only more beautiful.  She found that trying on gowns on her own worked for her, not being influenced by others, but staying true to herself and the look wanted for her wedding day.  Keeping things classical and simple, she opted for flat ballet pumps and pearl earrings.  This no fuss girl decided on her wedding day what look she wanted for her hair and make-up, not many people are that relaxed, but she had all the confidence in her amazing stylist.



Their wedding cake comprised of three tiers, each layer a family favourite!! Chocolate for Tori’s mom, Carrot for Warren’s dad and lemon poppy-seed for Warren’s mom. Among some of the memorable highlights for Tori and Warren was their first dance.  They danced to the song that brought their relationship together and it holds a special place in their hearts to this day. She says that another highlight was all the dancing, it was so much fun, they had the time of their lives, and she even lost a button and tore her dress, but continued to dance until her feet hurt!! They also loved the speeches and the love that filled the room was tangible. “I had to pinch myself every now and then because I couldn’t believe how united and loved everyone in the room felt” smiles Tori.


“Sometimes I find weddings to be quite stiff and procedural. The brides get so stressed about all the little details and look so stressed out!! Our wedding was special because we were so relaxed and we laughed, cried and danced as we felt. We made a huge effort to let everyone know that the wedding was not just about Warren and I, but about everyone there on that day and to show them that we love them and appreciate them being in our lives”….beams this beautiful bride.




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