Things to consider when choosing a wedding videographer

Just because you found a wedding videographer on the top of the google list, doesn’t mean he is a professional, it means he paid google to get there, so there are a number of points to consider when selecting your videographer, and it’s very important you do your homework.

Firstly, be assured that your wedding video is an investment.  We find that many couples decide against a videographer when drawing up their budget.  We think that it’s something that should be on the top of your list. Photographs provide a great memory, but photographs cannot capture sound as a video can, and if you find a great videographer, the emotion they evoke through the sound they put together for your video will be priceless.

According to Bigler Productions, there are five key elements which can help strip away the mediocre and unveil the true professional that is right for you. They suggest you consider these five things before booking your wedding videographer: Personality, Experience, Product, Reputation and Price.

Personality is very important.  You will be spending all day with your videographer and it can really detract from your wedding day if the videographer is awkward or if you are uncomfortable with him or her.  It is vitally important that you meet with your videographer before the day to ensure that there is chemistry and that you at least like them and most importantly that you as a couple feel comfortable with them.

Experience – Yes and we agree that everyone had to start somewhere, but perhaps they should have tried out their skills in other areas before shooting weddings.  Energy couple with the emotions of the big day can turn things crazy and this is where you would need a professional who can handle the unpredictable.  As with anything in life, practice makes perfect and the more weddings a videographer has shot, the fewer mistakes they’ll make. Furthermore, with experience comes knowing when an opportunity is presenting itself for that extra special something to be captured.  The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your videographer can handle capturing the most important events of your wedding.

Reputation – reaches far and wide, no matter where a videographer’s base may be.  Ask other wedding vendors what they think of your choice in a videographer. You will be amazed at what you can learn about your potential videographer simply by asking other professionals in the industry.

Product – if everything looks good up to this point, then it’s time to take a good look at what your potential videographer has produced, including what kind of final cut pro x they’ve used to produce the final output.  Ask your videographer to direct you to some of their work and judge for yourself. Do you like what you see?  Are their previous videos creative and diverse or will your faces just be a new facet to a video that has been created over and over again? Make sure there are some differences in the weddings that they have shot. Is the lighting and the sound great? Ask if you could select the music for your video, and a very important question to ask is how long the edit will take before you receive your video.

Pricing – the old adage he is true, you get what you pay for.  A struggling videographer will drop their prices just to book a job. ake time making your decision and look around, don’t just book the first guy that pops up on google. Hiring Reverent Wedding Films is a great way to preserve those special moments and memories from your big day. They offer affordable packages that will meet all of your needs, so contact them today!

Another important question to ask is if your photographer and videographer can work together?

There has to be synergy between these two vendors, and it is a recipe for disaster if they have not worked together or if there are no clear lines of communication. It is possible for personalities and creative visions to clash.  Ask questions, like who should shoot first, the photographer or the videographer, and any professional videographer will know it’s the photographer first.  The videographer has to talk to the photographer if he would like to do something or get a certain shot. It’s really confusing for the couple if the videographer starts directing and the photographer is also trying to direct.  It has to be clear who’s in charge, or your day could turn out to be a punching match between these two.