The Wedding Invitation

Paper, colour, form and wording, these are the things you will have to decide when choosing the perfect invitation for your wedding.  Formal, playful, unique….it’s your choice! Keep in mind that your invitation is the first impression guests will get of your special day.

Nowadays there are numerous ways in which to put your personal stamp on your invitations.  Paper can be cut by laser, creating unbelievably gorgeous lace patterns, whether simple or intricate, laser cutting is sure to wow any guest, with the shapes and details that can only be achieved with this method.

Look at the different finishes, kinds of paper and design styles on offer and decide what you like.  Discuss the colour scheme and theme of your wedding with your supplier to make sure that the invitation will match with these.

Show your supplier some images of what you have in mind as well as the décor and flowers you have chosen and your personal taste, which will allow them to advise you accordingly.

Compile your guest list well before the time so that you know exactly how many invitations you will need to have printed.  One invite per family will be in order; however it is wise to print a few extra to make provision for unexpected guests or invitations that go missing.

A good supplier will give you proofs for final approval of the style, the design and the information on the invitation.  It is imperative that you make quite sure you are completely satisfied with the design and the style, and that all the information on the invitation is correct.  Double check the spelling of names and numbers in particular. Order the rest of the stationery a month before the wedding so it will be ready timeously.

Here is a list of all the stationery you might need:

The Invitation (usually contains all the information about the day as well as a map to the venue)

The reply card

Wedding Programmes

Seating Plan/Chart


Table numbers

Place cards

Thank you cards

Last word of advice, take your time planning and choosing your invitation, it is a keepsake that you will treasure forever!