What was supposed to be an April fool’s prank, turned out to be lifetime adventure?

Surprises and jokes are part of life for this fun loving couple, so their wedding proposal, as well as their invitation was all surprises or jokes.  This couple was so innovative in creating opportunities to give gifts and thank-you’s for their day.

Melanie and Jacques have been together for more than 9 years. The way they eventually ended up as a couple is evident that it was meant to be. They met through a girl that Jacques worked with.  Her husband, who had been friends with Jacques since primary school, tried for years to get them together; however, neither were interested.  Then, this same friend was involved in a very bad accident which kept her in ICU for 28 days, and during that time they both visited her in hospital, and actually got to know each other and found out that there actually was a spark, now they remind each other that someone almost died to get them together.

They had a child together and the years just rolled on by.  The proposal was supposed to be an April fool’s

Prank at Jacques younger brother’s bachelor party.  All their friends were telling them that they needed to get married, at the party she asked Jacques brother for his wedding ring and proposed to Jacques as a joke!!  Little did she realise that everyone was watching including and that Jacques actually thought she was being serious.  Later that month at Jacques brother’s wedding, they both proposed to each other, which neither of them were expecting.




This couple started venue hunting in the Free State, however they were all beyond their budget. Jacques remembered attending a wedding at Bergvallei in Muldersdrift and recalled how stunning it was.  They both instantly fell in love with the Cape style buildings and the tranquillity and beauty of the open concept of the venue.  No matter the weather, this venue can accommodate indoor or outdoor weddings and the beautiful gardens offer fantastic photo opportunities.  The biggest plus was that it was within their budget!!

They say that opposites attract. Melanie admits that Jacques is quiet, grounded and calm and that she is loud, energetic and out there. The one thing they have in common is that they both love the outdoors and adventure, so with this in mind, they wanted a wedding day where they could spend time outdoors, which Bergvallei offered.  They describe their day as fantastic, good food, good wine, good company and just a blast with close family and friends.

For their invitation, they decided on surprise boxes that contained instructions on what to do Most of the family members thought they were announcing another child on the way, however, what a happy surprise to find that it was a wedding invitation after 9 years of being together.  Whilst Melanie was away in Turkey, least expecting it, she had another box delivered to her two bridesmaids containing instructions that they had to follow on the wedding day.

Their goal for their wedding day was to show family and friends how important they are in their lives.  So they chose a theme that could include a lot of DIY elements which they felt would demonstrate their love for them.  They chose a hessian garden theme and made and decorated most of the wedding using their own ideas. They decided on a photo booth to entertain their guests whilst they had their couple photos taken, which would double up as a thank you CD with all the photos each guest was in.

Their décor and flowers also doubled up as gifts for their lady guests to take home as a memory from their special day.  They chose simple daisies and arranged these in beautiful wooden boxes on the tables.

Comfort was the name of the game for both of them when selecting what they would wear on their day, so they both wore takkies.  Melanie wore a plain, comfortable gown that was made according to an image she found.  She selected polka dot dresses for her bridesmaids to add a fun aspect.

Their wedding cake was clearly a hit, they were delighted to see not a crumb was left.  Their son was the ring bearer, and unfortunately he had had a bad fall at school prior to the day, which left a big scar on his nose and head, something they would laugh about for years to come.

When we asked Melanie and Jacques to describe what was special about their day, their response was,

“Our wedding was just so us, and that is what made it so special. From the décor to the grand entrance to dancing the night away, it suited who we are and how we wanted our day to be… we wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Their advice to our readers is to make your wedding day about you and your partner. Relax and enjoy the day and be very selective about who you invite to your special day, as you only have one day to make the best memories with the people who will be in your lives for years to come.