“Rustic, Romance with a Relational Twist”- Craig and Doreen

Is having the same surname as your fiancé a good or bad thing? Well first you have to eliminate the possibility of actually being related, and this is exactly what this couple did by examining their family trees, fortunately for them there was no possibility of them being directly related as they were already falling deeply in love!


Doreen and Craig met via a Christian website and it was a match made in heaven. It didn’t take long for Craig to pop the question as he knew he had found “the one”. Craig requested that Doreen dress up for a dinner at Monte Casino and Doreen was confused as she thought that Monte Casino wasn’t fancy enough to “dress up” for, but she decided to do it anyway.  Seated at an amazing restaurant, Craig told her that he had a surprise for her, and she immediately thought that he was about to propose, however, he produced tickets to the Swan Lake on ice show and went on to tell her all about the show, Doreen found it quite difficult to hide her disappointment, but was impressed at all the research he did to explain what the show was about.


After the show he took Doreen for a walk around the fountains at Monte Casino, and it was here that he proposed on bended knee even though it had rained earlier and everything was still wet. Before he could even finish asking the question, Doreen squealed YES, so he asked again, and again and again she squealed yes!


Even though they are complete opposites, Craig being a financial wizard with a love of politics and Doreen being a music teacher who loves the arts, these two work together to complement each other’s short falls.  One thing they both agreed on is the intimate, country venue with a huge fireplace to say their “I do’s”. Doreen said that she could imagine herself waking down the aisle of the chapel the minute she saw it! Their main goal was for their guests to relax and have fun in the beautiful country venue they chose, and this they achieved proven by all the remarks made by their happy guests.


Describing herself as a romantic, plain Jane, Doreen wanted to achieve this style in her wedding day, so she opted for a rustic feel with a cowgirl twist.  She and her bridesmaids wore cowgirl boots as she openly admits she doesn’t do “high heels” and it really worked.  They had wooden ring holders engraved with their names and dates on them and all the guests names were on wooden blocks as part of the table decorations. Her choice of décor colours was lilac and sea green and she chose light purple roses and lavender with light greens in-between for her bouquet and flowers on the tables etc.


They also wanted the wedding to be lots of fun and of course plenty of music and dancing. To open the dance floor was quite a daunting task for Craig, who says he has two left feet, but his outgoing bride coaxed him into going for a few dance lessons to relive the pressure, and the first dance was a great hit!


Doreen says she was extremely blessed to have Elizna of E2Designs, make and design her wedding gown.

She arrived with a few pics of what she thought she liked, but she actually had no idea.  Elizna asked all the right questions to piece all of her dreams together to create the dress of her dreams. Up until a week before the wedding day, Doreen also had no idea how she would be wearing her hair or what make-up would work best, however, she says she had the best make-up artist and hair stylist who transformed her into exactly the look she wanted for her special day.


When asked about the highlights at their wedding, Craig admits that he was very moved by the beautiful heartfelt song Doreen sang especially for him at their reception, and that it is something he will carry in his heart all the days of his life. The other special thing for Craig was the surprise note sent to him down the aisle whilst he was waiting for his bride to arrive.  For Doreen walking down the aisle and seeing Craig’s face was an enormous highlight. Doreen also particularly enjoyed Craig’s speech and for both of them, they were truly touched by the, personalised, handmade gift made by Doreen’s 90 year old grandfather, this gesture really made their day!


As it is with most weddings some things don’t always go as planned, and in the case of this special day, there were a few things that did not go as planned. This couple took the little things that went wrong and made it into something positive, like the rain that started pouring down during their couple photo session.  Even though at the time it seemed like a problem, the photographs from this momentous occasion turned out spectacularly.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy your day is the wise advice given by this couple.


Photography by Bright Liquid Light


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