Real Wedding Story of Zane & Tanya

A romantic, industrial feel celebration, in Johannesburg, in a vineyard… never!
Photographer: GDG Photography

Zane and Tanya met through a mutual friend, and on their first date, to the Neighbour Goods Market, they could not get enough of each other and spent the whole afternoon together. The rest they say is history.

As Zane worked out of town, and they only saw each other every second weekend, however, they devised a plan to keep the fires of love burning. Every Friday evening they would both grab a bottle of wine on the way home and skype each other. To them it was a regular date and they would chat for hours, late into the night sipping on their wine…

These two fell madly in love with each other soon after they started dating and Tanya says she always knew he was “the one”. Both fiercely driven and adventurous, they both also love to travel. Tanya says they have become really good friends and that their relationship keeps growing stronger and stronger. She shares that they have just moved into their own new home and there are exciting times ahead.

On a trip to Ballito one weekend, to spend time with Tanya’s family, they stopped over for the night in the Drakensberg. They arrived at night and set up camp with some friends and even though it was very cold, Zane was adamant that he wanted to go on a hike in the morning. They woke early and geared up; little did Tanya know that this was going to be the hike of a lifetime. As they hiked up the mountain, Zane asked if they could take a photo together, and Tanya protested as she was cold and exhausted and not at all excited about the picture he so badly wanted to take.

Tanya says, “As we stood on the edge of the mountain and Zane looked at me with this concerned look and started saying how much he loved and cared about me (That was all I heard). He then got down on one knee and I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It was by far the best moment of my life!”

On the Sunday night after the engagement, this couple was watching the TV show called “The Wedding Bashers”, and on that particular show they both fell in love with the venue that was on air. It was exactly what they were looking for, from the beautiful view of the mountains, gorgeous vineyards and a rustic reception hall. It was fait accompli, so much so that they did not even bother to look at any other venues.

To set the tone for their wedding, Tanya says it was super easy as they both have similar taste. They both love the outdoors, so it was an easy choice to have lots of flowers and greenery with a touch of rustic. The goal was to feel like being outdoors in between the mountains and the tall grass. As for the theme, the words simple, good time with friends and family, good food, good music and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, was mentioned. She mentions how grateful they are for the amazingly talented DJ who really knew how to keep the guests on the dance floor.

To create a romantic feel they had at least 20 candles on each of their long wooden tables, placed in between the rustic greenery and flowers and a huge LOVE sign on the dance floor. Tanya says that she is super proud of them planning a stunning wedding in 6 months.

Tanya had an idea of the gown she wanted, and tried on a couple of styles. She mentions that the one she had in mind looked terrible on and in the end chose a beautiful gown from the Rosa Clara range with a 3m train, which was made up of three different layers of lace.

We asked Tanya about the highlight of her day and this was her response:

– Having my father walk me down the aisle to the love of my life.
– Seeing Zane’s expression as I met him at the end of the aisle.
– Celebrating this special day with my friends and family
– Going on honeymoon the next day
– Getting to share another amazing day with Zane, my husband.

Tanya says that she thinks that every wedding is special and unique in its own way. It’s a day that will be remembered for the rest of your life no matter what, the good or the bad that happened. They had the best day together and that is all that matter to them, she says it’s like falling in love all over again.

Her advice is to not let the small things worry you. The day is about you and your fiancé. Enjoy the process of planning, because when the day finally arrives, it really does go by in a flash. “That’s the most important advice you will ever need,” smiles Tanya.