Real Wedding Story of Tebby & Floyd

Real Wedding Story of Tebby & Floyd

An Emotional, Timeless Fairy tale wedding under a Tuscan Sun

Photography by ML Photography

Tebby and Floyd first met through a mutual friend and it all started with a phone call at first, but then they decided to meet in person two weeks later. Tebby recalls, “We can’t forget the date, it was the 16th December 2014 at 15hrs/34mins/17seconds that was the first time we ever laid eyes on each other… and we have been inseparable since.”

Floyd did not wait too long to ensure he keeps his beauty forever and proposed just five months later on the 9th of May 2015. It was her birthday and at a family and friends gathering, he seized the opportunity and before she knew it, he was down on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with his. She said a big yes to his proposal and then the planning started.

These two describe their relationship as best friends, soul mates and everything in between. Tebby says, “I believe we were made for one another because we complement each other in so many ways and I cannot picture my life without him. We also both love the finer things in life. Our marriage is not based on paying attention in difference but positive similarities as well as the love we feel for each other.”

The venue they chose is the Tuscan style Avianto, a beautiful and royal venue with its classic timeless charm. They both had attended several other functions at the venue and they both instantly loved it. This couple says they loved every second of their wedding from the service to the look of the venue, and the last dance, and if they had the opportunity they would get married there over and over again. The couple looked stunning that day using deer antler wedding band to match their outfits.

They describe their wedding as an emotional fairytale and add that many of the guests said it was Top Billing material.

In planning their wedding, this couple says they attended many expos which gave them a lot of ideas and also introduced them to many excellent service providers. They selected carefully and the end result was just amazing. They found that their service providers recommended each other and that is how they formed a winning team.

Their colour scheme was rose gold and blush pink and the vision they had was that their décor should be simple yet classy with a bit of flair. Tebby says, “We wanted glam and a sheer class cartel style type wedding and undoubtedly our décor hit it on the spot.” Tebby loves roses and so there were many of them.

When we asked Tebby how she achieved her wedding look, she says it took months of planning, but that she and Floyd had a concise idea of what they wanted and how they wanted everything to turn out. As a bride she had a vision of exactly how she wanted to wow her guests and more importantly to wow her husband and to cherish the look on his face when he first saw her walking down the aisle. Tebby says it turned out exactly how she had always dreamed and that she would not change a thing.

Her gown was something she had designed, and she simply communicated her ideas to the designer and they worked on it together. She wore Jimmy Choo’s and Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes. The professional hair stylist and make-up artist completed her gorgeous look.

They had live musical performances which added fun to their special day. The photo booth was also a huge hit amongst the guests. They were also delighted that the guests honoured their dress code and that everyone was on time.

The highlights of their day included the amazing décor, and the absolutely gorgeous and delicious cake, which was also the talk of the town. Tebby says that she was moved by how emotional Lena their photographer was whilst taking their pics, “She is so professional!” ads Tebby.

They just loved everything, their videographer, their MC, the DJ Company who kept everyone on the dance floor, their bride and groom squad, how stunning they looked, the venue and the delectable food. Last but not least, their daughter’s speech was such an emotional moment and something they will remember forever.

Tebby’s advice to future grooms and brides is, “Plan everything properly, don’t leave anything for last minute and most importantly, enjoy every moment.”