Real Wedding Story of Sara & William

Real Wedding Story of Sara & William

A happy hashtag, fun filled unique wedding day with loads of laughter!
Tim Moolman Photography

William and Sara met 8 years ago, she was working her first job as a beauty therapist and he was a professional cyclist. He needed a sports massage and Sara’s colleague had booked the appointment with her. Sara’s says they didn’t speak the whole hour and for her, it was super awkward! Then right at the end of the massage, he decided to play on his phone! Sara tried to tell him that it was rude to do so during a massage, and this broke the ice for this couple. They started chatting to each other from then on and Sara says they became friends first before they started dating.

William asked Sara to marry him in Botswana on a game drive. Secretly he had booked a private drive and she was told that all the American tourists took the first game drive vehicle so they landed up on their own on the second one. Sara remembers that the drive was just perfect, “we landed up seeing tons of different wild animals and then we stopped for a beverage. We got out of the vehicle and William stepped away to “use a tree” (ha-ha). I was watching our guide set up the table. I didn’t want the guide to go through all the trouble so I told him that he did not need to and said that he should just pour the boiling water into my cup for tea, and as I said that I saw the bottle of champagne come out and I looked to my left and William was standing next to me holding a beautiful rose gold ring! I started laughing and crying at the same time and William complained that I wasn’t answering his question, “Yes, duh!”
Both of them own their own businesses and both are head strong, extremely driven as well as stubborn people. They both like to be right and don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to decision making and this makes them a very powerful couple. “Somehow we have a great understanding of each other as we laugh as much as much as we bicker,” says Sara.

We asked them what the reason was that they chose their venue and Sara says, “It just spoke to us. I walked into the chapel and my eyes teared up. We loved that it was quaint and classic and the people that we were dealing with just made it even more appealing. “

Their ‘save the date’ invitation was a collage of William and she pulling funny faces and each picture in the collage shaped a heart when you put all the pictures together. Looking at the invitation immediately made you laugh. The hashtag for their wedding was #ProperBushWedding – Williams surname being Bush and Sara’s Prokopowicz which is always miss pronounced to proper something. This added a fun and exciting feel to the buildup of the wedding.

Being simplistic people their vision for their day was neutral colours, white and rose gold to match their rings, and a touch of navy. Their wedding flower of choice was the protea as this was the very first flower William ever gave Sara, to this they added greenery, candles and fairy lights. They both loved all the ideas and suggestions made by their décor lady. The wedding favors provided, were beautiful little navy boxes with their wedding logo on it in rose gold with chocolates inside.

Sara always dreamed of having a bohemian gown, and tried on several without feeling completely happy and then decided to try on something a little different to the total bohemian look, yet still bohemian, a tight lace bodice, with a very flowy skirt, and it was love at first sight.

Her mom found a bohemian looking head piece which comprised of beautiful rose gold leaves and crystals. The shoes she found were platform wedges that had rose gold straps and the touch of navy was found on her nails. “My look came together perfectly, “beams Sara.
Unfortunately her shoes actually broke, but fortunately her mom managed to get an emergency kit to mend them. They were having so much fun they forgot to throw the bouquet and garter, and when they eventually remembered it was very late in the evening, but nobody was none the wiser.

As a little teaser, Sara says she had cards printed with ‘wait till you see her’ on them and posed for a polaroid wearing her robe but only showing her legs with her garter on. Her bridal party held these cards for the pic, which was shown to him whilst he was getting ready. She had someone take a Polaroid of him seeing this pic for the first time and she says his excitement was so very obvious!

Sara says that getting to the alter was one of the highlights of her day as it was very emotional, William was crying so much that it made her cry too. Straight after the ceremony they snuck away to take their first selfie as husband and wife and high fived each other in a “we did it” kind of way. Another highlight was when William got up to say his speech, all his friends took up their chairs and plastic plates and sat in front of him and threw the plates on the floor, it was impossible not to laugh at that. “William also shoved a whole piece of chocolate cake in my face, that’s a highlight, isn’t it?“ smiles Sara.

They planned a very chilled day with lots of fun. Sara says “we made it unique in a sense of how laid back it was, we wanted to have a huge party to celebrate our special day with our loved ones, friends and family, great food, lots of booze and our DJ, got the party started.”

When asked to share her wedding day planning advice with our readers Sara says, “Ah, do we ever listen to anyone’s advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Put you and your husband first and what you both want. There are lots of opinions and suggestions, listen and choose what is best for you and your husband. If people don’t like it – oh well…everyone gets their day!“