Real Wedding Story of Samantha and Geoffrey

A unique proposal on the beach ends in a magical, perfect wedding day in the country

Photographer: Daniel West

Samantha and Geoffrey were the typical office romance; they met after they both worked at the same company.  Talk about fate, they were appointed just one month apart. They worked alongside each other for about a year, until the undeniable sparks just took them on a journey! They could no longer deny the chemistry and started dating.

Geoff planned the surprise proposal to a “T” even though he had to involve and depend on a whole crowd of people.  This is how Sam remembers it:

 “The day started with a romantic boat trip to a small game reserve, where we got to go on a game drive, had a nice South African Braai for lunch, and then boated back to the port. From there, he organised a wonderful full-body massage for 2 – it was heavenly! You would think that is where the magic happened… not yet! We then were making our way back to Kenton, to what I was told was a “fancy” family dinner. Note, he said fancy to get me to wear a pretty dress, as it actually wasn’t the type of holiday for those kinds of dresses! On our drive back, his family called to say they were running late, so we must just wait a bit. Geoff then said we should just go for a walk on the beach to meet up with his sister walking the dogs. This was actually the last thing I wanted to do after I dressed up so nicely, but went anyway.

While we were walking along the edge of the beach, there were so many people looking and staring at us! I felt awkward, and thought it was because we were so dressed up for the beach! Little did I know, Geoff’s sister had told people to stay away from “THE ZONE” as his baby brother was proposing! But I didn’t know that, so it was odd having so many people stare. Geoff then led me away from the waves, and more into the beach, walking just behind some picket signs. When we came closer to the signs, Geoff dropped his shoes, I looked at and read the signs saying “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” turned around to him on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever. Anyway, he asked, I screeched YES – of course, and the whole beach erupted in cheers! What a memory! I will cherish that day forever!”

This couple describe their relationship as ‘just love’. Sam says they both just love, ‘love’ and prefer being with each other and around each other than being apart. Being similar in many aspects, they just fit together, well!  They both love travelling and are both very social and love their circle of friends and they love trying new things.  This has led to them discovering amazing hobbies. They both also love animals and have been growing their fluff family where possible. Realistically though Sam says of course there are difficult times in every relationship, but they have learned to sort things out as soon as they come up and communication is key to working through problems.

Upon finding the venue for the special day, Sam says “When you know, you just know.” After looking at a few and being quite enamoured by another, this one just felt right. Always dreaming about getting married outdoors, this venue had the perfect serene setting and they offered exclusivity too.  The decision was made almost immediately and the booking was made.

Being laidback they did not have a “theme” for their day, Sam says she just wanted the day to be about their love for each other and for all the guests to be comfortable in every way. Regarding the décor and flower choices, Sam says her favourite colour is blue, which is a bit of a problem as there aren’t many blue flower options.  She researched good combination choices and received great advice from her uncle who is a florist.  He did an amazing job with the use of fairy lights, she was pretty happy with the outcome. She adds, “simple is best!”

To achieve her wedding look, Sam says she based all her decisions on what she knows suit her body type best.  Being short and curvy, she knew that a ball gown would not suit her.  In her pursuit to find “the one” she tried on over 35 gowns and when she initially found it, she was still undecided. Tip: don’t try on too many gowns, it can become very confusing.  She eventually found a body-hugging, simple, no beads, not netting, no ruffles, just simple, but breath-taking gown. She wore a pair of comfortable, short healed shoes, with a bit of bling considering the dress had none. Everything else in terms of jewellery, hair, make up, etc. was also along the ‘simple is best’ theme… no necklace as her dress’s neckline was so intricate. A simple hair piece, and as minimal make up as her artist would allow! Sam says her look was based on what she loved and was comfortable in and what she thought would make her look beautiful in Geoff’s eyes.

A fun element to their wedding was their cake topper, which is also an illustration of the parties they have hosted.  Geoff and Sam are known for their beer pong skills and so it was, not surprisingly, a laser cut beer pong game… with her beating Geoff of course! They had a beer pong table at their wedding at the canapés table, just how all their friends know them to be, full of fun and laughter. 

They didn’t spend too much of their budget on things they could do themselves, so there was quite a lot of DIY involved. They made cake pops, no small feat, it took them hours to make and decorate them, but Sam says they turned out so yummy and was worth the time and effort.

Describing the highlights Sam says, “The people.”  She mentioned to Geoff a few times that she just loved the ability to spend quality time with all the guests, being able to just go to anyone and catch up, have a shot, dance or whatever, this meant a lot to her, however, seeing Geoff at the end of the aisle, tops that.  She says she had to take very deep breaths with every step and seeing him waiting for her is something that will be forever etched in her memory.

She also says that the speeches were significantly special.  Her words “Wow, I would not have changed one person’s speech! There was so much thought put into each speech, the words were beautiful and I will treasure every one, always.”

To end off their fantastic day, Sam says it was pretty special that the Boma was lit and when the music was turned off, only a few guests joined them, enjoying pleasant conversations and memories at the crackling fire until the early hours of the morning.

In short, Sam says that their wedding was not about “BIG WOWs” or extravagant décor etc. it was uniquely them.  They displayed a cute timeline of themselves from being babies to when they found each other and they shared all of their favourite things with the guests, games, drinks, music and good conversation.

Sam’s advice includes not sweating the small stuff.  Try doing as many things yourselves as possible. Save the dates, invites, thank-you’s etc. Secondly, the photographer is key!  Assign a decent amount of your budget to your photographer, that is all you will have to last you a lift time of memories. Lastly, but most importantly, PLAN everything well in advance, it’s the key to you enjoying your day and not stressing about anything.