Why you need a wedding planner

A wedding planner really takes so much stress off you whilst you are planning your wedding day and most brides who decide against getting the help of a professional wedding planner regret it afterwards , especially if you have a career and still need to plan everything yourself.  Time is of the essence and negotiating the best price should be left to someone in the know.  Here is a list of what you can expect when enlisting the help of a Wedding Planner:

Setting up a realistic budget.

Creating a master plan that details every element you need to consider, from the ceremony to the wedding favours.

Advising you on the best or most suitable venues in your chosen area, considering how many guests you have in mind, budget and the vision you have for your day.

Advising you on the top service providers in your price range and often being able to negotiate a better price or throwing in extras.

Scrutinizing your service providers contract to make sure everything is there, correct, and in your best interest and amended where necessary before signature.

On your wedding day (or weekend), organising the people, your service providers, members of the wedding party, you and your groom, your families, when to do what.

Managing your service providers, setup and delivery, handling emergencies and soothing nerves.

Making suggestions for the invitations and all stationery, from the most appropriate wording to ordering, or assisting you with your online invitations and tracking RSVPs.

Conveying messages to your family members and service providers, being your spokesperson in a nutshell.

Handling your travel plans and giving some awesome suggestions for local or international honeymoon destinations.

I have been in the wedding industry for 11 years and have tons of advice and connections. Let’s meet over coffee and start chatting, you need to feel comfortable with me, I assure you that you will receive all my attention as we plan the most special day of your life . Call Maggie on 063 801 4418 or send an e-mail to iloveplanningweddings@gmail.com