Meet Elbeth Gillis

Renowned for sheer luxury and a sophistication that transcends time, the Elbeth Gillis brand is the hallmark of femininity.

“Style, charm and uncompromising class”

Luxury Collection

Luxury is a sumptuous 8-gown collection that emphasises that wonderful line from nape to waist.  Backs plunge to the hips in a variety of ways, from keyhole opening to illusion backs and lace tattoos. Necklines are sophisticated and becoming.  Silhouettes include everything from a satin ball gown to flowy skirts to figure –fitting gentle mermaids.  Beading adds the glamour that makes this collection ravishing.  We showcase a few of this collection:

Milk and Honey Collection

This collection draws upon elements of the 1950’s where lines were both strong and fluid.

It is the perfect choice for the bride who wants to play with finding her perfect look.

Select from one of four skirts, and then match your skirt with a bodice of your choice, topping it with a lance overlay available in a variety of styles.  Lace and beading are used only as highlights, while hidden pockets are wonderfully functional.

Opulence Collection

Opulence is elegantly feminine, light as air and breathtakingly luxurious.  Staged against the translucent, gossamer backgrounds of tulle and silk chiffon are sumptuous, floating details like dainty pearls, twinkling beads and Chantilly lace.  While silhouettes are varied, this collection is unmistakably sensual and sophisticated with lace tattoos of lavish guipure lace.  And for the bride that want to mix it up on her wedding day, two gowns in this collection offer detachable overlay skirts that add that extra bit of grace.

Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection is inspired by the opulent glamour of days gone by; each dress is a celebration of sophisticated femininity.  Fabrics are sourced from all over the world and include Indian silks and lace from France and Spain.

Mystique: the 2018 Collection – gowns that captivate

Mystique is a 13-gown collection that is lavish with mystery and allure.
(We showcase a few of our favourites)

Bodices tempt and entice with shoulders and backs laid bare.  Nude-look laces abound, and this time in a glorious assortment of exotic designs and floral patterns.  Straps are so delicate they seem suspended, and the sheer glamour and sparkle of the beadwork is breath-taking.  Necklines are often deep, as are backs, and with a variety that will give every bride a choice.  Gentle, flowing mermaid skirts abound, with embroidered tulle overlays that add a further dimension of mystery.


And finally, for the bride who dares to be different, there’s the Lorelei gown.

This dramatic mermaid-style dress is figure hugging and shoulder-baring.  It is sumptuous with beading and layered fringe work.  It is the perfect gown for the siren woman, mysterious and beguiling in every way.