Loch Lynne

Loch Lynne, situated on the slopes of Durbanville is a beautiful wine estate. While retaining its farming activities, it has also been perfectly transformed into a destination venue for weddings, corporate functions and other bespoke events. 

In 1998, local resident Mr Brundyn bought the farm, realised its wine-producing potential and planted its first vineyards.

The property again changed hands in 2006. This time the buyer was the Kriek Family Trust, and its transformation began in earnest, starting with an extensive renovation of the original farmhouse. In 2014 the function venue and Vineyard House were added, creating an enviable destination property for weddings and other special events.

New features are constantly being planned to enhance the visitor’s experience even more: soon to be opened is a wine-tasting room and a wine-sales outlet.

Just 3km outside Durbanville, situated on Koeberg Road, with commanding views and unspoilt surrounds, it is a welcoming, chic venue in the heart of the Durbanville winelands – close to the city, but with the signature beauty and space of the countryside.

Loch Lynne’s function venue has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that your most special of days takes place in style. With chic interiors and generous proportions, the venue is the epitome of a contemporary space, both supremely graceful and efficiently functional. Its distinctive black-and-white checkerboard tiling is offset by ceiling-to-floor glass walls, chandeliers and wooden accents – creating a dramatic, tasteful space with stunning vineyard views. The high-quality catering, expert management, coordination and staff sets Loch Lynne apart from the rest

Take advantage of the estates, beautiful gardens and venue! Exclusivity is offered when booking a function with Loch Lynne. They encourage your photographer and décor team to come and visit beforehand, to familiarise themselves with all the unique spots for that perfect picture and the décor team can help you create a unique and special setting for your ceremony and reception.

They also offer in-house coordination assistance at no extra charge, so if the budget is tight and you are unable to afford a full coordinator, chat to them and we will help you in your planning and coordination on the day.

Loch Lynne Wine Estate adheres to all rules and regulations as per Government, and therefore they also abide by capacity ruling for their venue.

All staff are COVID-19 compliant, wearing masks and carrying sanitizer with them at all times. Temperatures are checked and details taken on arrival of all guests, with several sanitization points offered throughout the area’s been used.

The reception venue itself is well ventilated, allowing for fresh air to flow through during the wedding and reception.