How to choose the perfect Wedding Venue

Whilst every choice you make regarding your wedding day is negotiable, the wedding venue you choose is not!! You can choose to not wear white, or forgoing the flowers or cake, but the one thing you cannot skip is the place where you will say your vows to each other and have your family and friends present to witness and celebrate with you.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect venue is a tricky one, and the best advice we can give is to stay true to yourself and the vision you have for your day.  Of course the other very important tip is to communicate with your fiancé  and if you’re on the same page regarding your day, then that is a bonus, however, if you have different ideas, try find common ground (excuse the pun), and make some compromises.

Get clarity on the vision you have for your day.  Would you choose a glamorous soiree, a rustic barn party, a boho-chic bash, a vintage venue in the country with beautiful gardens, a cosy restaurant, an urban inner city affair, or a romantic beach wedding?  Look at the bigger picture and decide on the vibe you want for your wedding.

Dream big, don’t worry about what it’s going to cost  or what your parents would think at this stage, just get clarity on the vision first, the rest will fall into place.  These are the most important things to think about:

  • Do you want a big wedding, inviting everyone you know or a small intimate affair with only your closest family and friends? It’s hard to look for a venue without knowing the numbers; the two of you and your parents should make lists of “must have” and “nice to have” guests to get an idea of how big or small the party will be.
  • Indoors or out?
  • Which season?
  • Home town or destination wedding?
  • What colours do you both love and want to use on your day?
  • Discuss the budget and don’t waste time looking at places that are too pricey, keeping in mind that the largest chunk of your budget will go towards the venue as this should include the catering.

You want your personalities and passions to shine through, which is what ultimately makes your wedding unique and special to not only your guests, but most importantly to the two of you, besides, this is after all your special day.

How do you implement unique touches into your wedding?  Our advice is to place emphasis on two elements.  The first is – what represents you as a couple?  Think back to how you first met, where was your first trip together, what are your mutual hobbies or loves, and include those details in your big day. The second is – your guests.  Think about your guests comfort and enjoyment.  Can everyone you love get to your chosen locale? Providing them with the best entertainment and dining experience is what will make your day unforgettably successful!!

Once you have clarity on these thoughts, then decide on the location of the venue, and start looking. Happy planning, and don’t forget to have a plan in place in case of rain!!