Great advice on how to get the best outdoor beauty looks for your wedding day

Summer is all about the outdoors, so there is a definite lean towards everything natural! Make-up and skin should have a healthy glow to it. Leave the dramatic colours and bold looks for an indoor wedding and let your beauty shine outdoors.

For hair, the latest outdoor wedding trends are simple.  From tousled waves to chic up-dos or elegant with soft flowing curls and gorgeous braids, go with what you love and what works best for you and your gown. Adding an accessory to your hair will also help to achieve a finished look and a great end result.  We also love flower crowns, and the latest trend is to add bling to your flower crown by using crystals, precious metals or even pearls.  Flower crowns are great for outdoor weddings.  They are oh so girly and add a romantic, whimsical and fun touch to your big day.

Ensure your hair is in its best condition for your wedding day. It’s important to pick a stylist well in advance so that they can get to know your hair and be a great stylist on the day. Choose someone that you trust, knowing your tastes and preferences, who will give you honest and professional advice. The best advice is to go with what you are most comfortable and happy with and to choose a style that will complement your face as well as the style of your wedding dress.

Since naturally glowing skin is the look you want to achieve for summer, we suggest working from the inside out. A healthy skin is a moisturised skin, so in the lead-up to the day ensure you are always hydrated by drinking plenty of water (actually this should become a common practice always, not only leading up to your wedding day). Consult with a professional to get a skin routine that works with your skin type and stick to it for at least 12 weeks before your wedding.

If you have opted to get married outdoors, an easy way to keep your look natural is to stay clear from a smoky eye shadow on the lids. Rather opt for a soft bronze or pink with a crisp liquid liner to help accentuate the lashes. Two coats of a great, clump-free and waterproof mascara will add definition to your lashes without needing false lashes. If your lashes are too thin to create an impact, add a few cluster lashes to the outer corner of the eye, use different lengths to blend the falsies into you natural lashes. Steer clear of too much powder on the face, use a crème blush over a powder type and brighten up your look with a pink, rather than brown, undertone lipstick.