Gold plated Wedding Invitations – fit for Pharaoh’s of Egypt

Vanessa Williams, one of the most accomplished artists in film and music, celebrated her Egyptian themed wedding that was truly fit for royals last year. To commemorate the fate that intervened when Vanessa crossed paths with Jim on a cruise down the Nile, wedding planner Carla Measer-Costamagna successfully transformed Vanessa and Jim’s wedding reception into an Egyptian Escape.

Adorn Wedding Invitations from the UK were contracted to capture the magic of such extravagance on paper – with beautiful designs and a 14 carat gold-plated decoration of a Lotus leaf, originating from Jim’s personalised engagement ring design. This is their story. They illuminate how invitations can be used to show your beloved guests what magic is to be expected on your big day.

20160505T015205.620888ZThe Blossoming of Vanessa’s Love Story

Whenever we are tasked with designing a unique, completely custom invitation we always tend to go back to the beginning. There is always a reason why couples choose a particular theme – a special moment they shared – the creation of their new identity as a couple… Our job is to capture that essence and transform it onto paper.

“For Vanessa and Jim, we wanted  their invitations to reflect their story and what better then to draw upon the gorgeous landscapes of where their love story began” – said Attila Vermes, creative director of Adorn.
Adorns creative team set to work to design invitations that would truly impress a king and queen of Egyptian royalty.
Taking inspiration from Carla’s mood boards and the couples dream for their event, the creative team couldn’t wait to get hand sketching ideas for the physical prototype. Although Adorns design team seems to be centred around their love for modern technology, the art of hand drawing is certainly not dead in their design studio providing the designers with more creative freedom.

The actual concept for the design was hugely influenced by one of Vanessa’s Carmen Marc Volvo gowns.  Adorn took some of the intricate detailing featured on the gown, and transcended that onto the invitation. This relatively simple sketch of the gown lace was eventually uploaded to a digital environment and was replicated multiple times – creating a beautiful and intricate pattern made up of over 600 unique shapes.

This hand- drawn sketch was inspired by the beautiful patterns evident on Vanessa’s wedding dresses, with an added ingredient to reflect Egyptian elegance. Laser cutting, one of the latest evolutionary leaps in printing tools of recent years, was used in the process.


Colour Pallets

Taking inspiration from the golden hues of the Egyptian landscape and the contrasting splashes of vibrant flora, the designers interwove elements of gold into the invitation, using shimmery gold metallic paper and hot stamp foiling. Marsala – subsequently becoming the most popular wedding color of 2015 – was used as a complementary highlight which achieved a perfect balance between the two shades.

 “Printing takes longer, but the results are not comparable. The ink is applied more evenly and the texture of the paper is preserved – and not ‘flattened’ out as it occurs through digital printing processes – where the ink is applied through heat.  Gold foiling is also much better combined with this printing process.” added Attila.

Stunning Stationery Accompaniments

Vanessa had actually discovered Adorn after falling in love with a rose gold foiled save the date design that she had found on their Pinterest so of course it was absolutely fitting that a flawless wedding stationary range be created to accompany the main invitation. Elegant RSVP cards, security & accommodation info and right through to place cards were all created. Each of these items encapsulated the regal Egyptian theme through the combination of gold and Marsala with of course the matching intricate laser cut detailing.

However, the most exciting detail that was featured on the design was undoubtedly the 14k golden lotus flower that Adorn featured on the front of the invitation. During Adorns inspiration and design process they made comment of Vanessa’s unique engagement ring. Jim had this one-of-a-kind ring personally designed with a lotus leaf engraved onto Vanessa’s ring; it was explained that the very complex symbol represents spiritual awakening and divine beauty, a perfect tribute to the couple’s newly blossomed relationship.

Finally, a custom designed wax seal was created to seal the envelopes. A high quality and rare golden shimmer wax was used ensuring that no detail went unnoticed.

In Vanessa’s own words: “Thanks for such extraordinary work in creating a beautiful piece of art”

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