Dos and Don’ts Wedding Photography

Make it clear to your guests that using their mobile phones or iPad as cameras at your wedding is strictly forbidden.  Of course they would love to capture you walking down the aisle towards your husband to be, but at the expense of your photographer not getting that perfect shot, or worse your husband having to lean past all the guests just to see you coming down the aisle ruining that moment completely.  There are no second chances, so make it clear to your guests.  Another good reason to forbid images taken by your guests is that your guests may get in your way.  You could miss moments of your own wedding because there will be an iPad or camera in the way and you could miss seeing your partners face as you come down the aisle.

To communicate your wish, we suggest you already mention it in your invitation and again have a blackboard with a sign on it at the entrance to the chapel. Be clear about it, no photos with cell phones or Tablets PLEASE!!

Communication is key to ensure you get what you want from your photographs. You should also check the reviews of wedding photographers as this is the best way of getting a great insight into the quality of their work. We found a very well-reviewed London Wedding photographer by doing this and he was absolutely amazing, so it definitely works!

Let your photographer know what dress code you prefer, but do keep in mind that they need to dress comfortably to get the best shots.

Be specific about what image you prefer to have or not have? Would you prefer not to have a camera in the room when you’re dressing? Would you prefer to not have images of terribly inebriated friends and family in the photographs?  Give your photographer a short list of pictures that you definitely want or do not want. Getting the best video production company to capture your best moments is necessary.

Heres a list of suggestions from us:

Most brides and grooms regret not having professional photographs of their stationery.  Bring along your entire stationery suite so that your photographer can take a great shot of them.

A great good morning shot on the morning of your wedding day, with you jumping on the bed or running around in the garden as the excitement mounts.

You and your bride’s maids and groom and groomsmen getting ready and of your wedding rings and your wedding jewellery and shoes.

If you are exchanging love letters to each other, be sure to get your photographer to capture this special moment as you both read them.

Before everyone arrives, the ceremony set up, always great to remember the space and how you pictured it. Ask your photographer to take a couple of landscape shots for your memories.

A great photographer will take close ups of all the details, the programmes, the flowers, the place settings, the candles and of course the cake.  Also remember to ask him to take pics of your welcome bags or favours.

All the bouquets, and the groom’s boutonniere, by the end of the evening it will be wilted and would probably have come off!!

And of course the rest of the wedding from you walking down the aisle to your grand exit shot and everything in between.