DIY Makeup for your wedding

We are all for a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, but sometimes this is just not possible for various reasons; here are some points to consider when doing your own makeup. A word of caution, only if you are good at makeup and have a good hand at it, should you be doing it yourself, the idea is to look outstanding yet like yourself.  Also if you stress easily, rather pay someone to do your makeup as you makeup might be a disaster amidst the last minute wedding rush. We also recommend taking a look at these micellar water reviews to add the best one for you to your skin routine.

  • Many modern brides choose the natural look, with little or no makeup, especially if you are DIY.
  • Your face should be well contoured to make it look slimmer in pictures.
  • Always use blush according to the outfit.
  • Avoid lots of glitters and shimmers.
  • To hide pimples and blemishes, use concealer a tone darker than your own complexion.
  • Waterproof make is a must if the wedding takes place in the summer months.
  • Bronzer is amazing for contouring as it is usually a shade darker than your actual skin tone.
  • Always use a lip balm before you start working on your lips. First outline the lips with lip pencil and fill in with the lipstick. Both should be of the same colour and add a touch of lip gloss to add shimmer.