Different ways to Order your Wedding Stationery

The Personal Touch

If you are the kind of bride that loves being completely part of every detail of your special wedding day, then personally visiting the stationery company is the best option.  Communication is key, talk through your ideas as a couple and compromise where necessary. Take him or a bridesmaid that knows all your specific desires with you to help you communicate your vision clearly. You will be able to hand pick the different papers and fabrics, which is a major advantage. Paper products are both visual and tangible and you will get to physically feel the textures.

You deserve to be treated like royalty from start to finish, so why not allow the creative team to give you the undivided attention that you would like. They will assist you with endless inspiration and tips, discuss and perfect the wording and make etiquette and grammatical suggestions along the way. Personal visits will allow your stationery team to get to know your personality first-hand, which can assist them in presenting you with options that will exceed your wildest expectations. The experts will take all the pressure off and assist you in customising the perfect invitation.

Order Online

Do you have a time-is-money outlook on life? Then online ordering would suit you perfectly. In a fast-paced world the working bride does not necessarily have time for personalised visits to deal with small details. Online ordering is therefore a convenient method to order high quality wedding stationery without breaking the budget; effortlessly representing the simplistic method of shopping from the comfort of your home. Be careful though, as you can never tell what the quality of printing is going to turn out like. Always double check your fonts and colours to avoid the horror of receiving a maroon invitation, rather than what you thought was a deep plum; as colour sometimes varies between different computer screens. If payment is what you are worried about, don’t be; as most companies will accept credit cards. Just make sure you select exactly what you want, because there is usually a no return policy.


The growing trend in the wedding industry regarding stationery is online e-invitations. This option provides brides and grooms to-be the opportunity to truly give their guests an insight into what the tone of the wedding will be. It is the invitation that will intrigue your guests to rather come to your wedding as opposed to that of someone else on the same date. Online-e-invitations through email or e-vites is undeniably a big money saver that will leave you with a slightly larger budget for the honeymoon. Although some may feel that this option is a bit impersonal, you should consider the advantages of a much faster response time as postal errors are automatically eliminated. It is however important to make 100% sure that you have the correct and up-to-date email addresses of your guests; otherwise the invitation might never reach them. Keep in mind that some people such as grandparents or those from older generations will find it difficult to manage online e-invitations, or may even not have an email address.

With an online invitation service, RSVP-ing has never been easier for both the couple and the guests.  Rather than having everyone fill out a card and getting to the post office to mail it back, your guests can directly click on a yes or no link on the website.

Something New!!

If you are getting married in the not so near future, then a wedding website is just what you need to milk every last drop of excitement from this special experience. There are many wedding websites that will allow you to tell your love story through photos, music, videos and so much more. Sharing every special moment of the planning process with your guests will create an intimate atmosphere that will grow to a climax as the big day gets closer. The aim of these websites is to provide more information to guests regarding issues such as accommodation, directions, changes leading up to the wedding day etc. Your guests will have exclusive access to the site and it will allow them to interact with each other. Keep them hooked until the very last minute by posting your wedding and honeymoon pictures on the site; including them in your life changing journey.