Bridal Beauty Countdown

Keep it simple! If you feel good you will look great, so do not make drastic changes close to the wedding. Remember that your fiancé proposed to you just the way you are; be careful of wanting to change too much. However, every bride wants to look her best, therefore try to incorporate a long-term health and beauty plan into your schedule leading up to the wedding.

Invest in a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Junk food can negatively affect both your energy levels and your mood. It is important for you to make the effort to eat healthily, whether you are trying to shed some kilograms or not.
Exercise is a great stress reducer, and your regular sweat sessions will help keep you calm during the planning process of your wedding. However, take it slow, pace yourself and do not become too focused on your exercise plan. For many brides this can turn into a major burden, rather than just an enjoyable part of preparing for your special wedding day. One way of making sure that things don’t get out of hand is to set realistic goals for yourself that will make you feel confident and proud at the end of the day.

Make sure that your skin looks picture perfect for those special images that will be everlasting memories. Cleansing and moisturising your skin every day helps get rid of any impurities. Facials are recommended only if you have a few months before the wedding. You do not want to have an allergic reaction to a facial product two days before your wedding!

If you want to be beaming with that famous bridal-glow start planning your health and beauty routine straight after the proposal; rather be the early bird, not having to worry about your skin, hair or nails a few days before the wedding. Most important of all is to just enjoy the process; if you are emotionally happy it will reflect on your outside appearance.

Here are some pointers to help you tackle issues and time frames to help you look your absolute best on your special day:

One year before your wedding tackle teeth imperfections.

Chances are you won’t be able to stop beaming on the day, so you want to make sure your smile looks amazing. See a cosmetic dentist with as much lead time as possible if you would like to fix chips or crooked teeth.

Six months before your wedding visit a dermatologist.

Before you pick out the perfect make-up, make sure your canvas (aka your complexion) is in good shape. If you’re already happy with your skin, skip this step, but if you’re dealing with acne, scarring or other complexion problems, head to your dermatologist. It can take weeks – even months – for a new skin care regimen to work, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to try out the doctor recommended products or any in office treatments suggested.

Four months before go for your make-up trial.

Meet with a make-up artist at least four months before your wedding. After your consultation, take a few photos of yourself, including a few in lights that mimic that of your venue, so you can see how the make-up looks in pictures. A suggestion is to have your engagement shoot done with you newly made up face!

Three months before go for your hair trial.

Start experimenting with your hair after you select your gown and a good three months before the wedding. When doing a consultation with a stylist, bring the hair accessories or veil you’re considering and always, always bring pictures that will inspire the look you want to achieve. During your consultation make sure that you are comfortable with the hairstylist as well as the hairstyle. Don’t be shy to voice your opinion; you don’t want something that is not you. You want something that will make you feel confident and will look great in photos. And just like with your make-up, it’s a good idea to take pictures of your style from all angles so you can see how it photographs.

Six weeks before get your hair trimmed.

Get your trim a month to six weeks prior to the wedding to ensure all the dead ends are off and you have a fresh clean cut. A word of warning: do not experiment with a new drastic haircut or colour before your wedding, if it turns out badly there will not be enough time to grow your hair out, so best play it safe. If you’re getting highlights, get them a week and half before the big day. You want your hair to be freshly coloured, yet leave enough time to fix mistakes.

And then in the two weeks leading up to the wedding, get a facial.

One week before get your brows shaped.

Five days before get your lash extensions.

Three days before get your bikini wax and spray tan.

The day before the wedding get your mani and pedi.

On the wedding day just smile and wave, as you will be totally radiant to meet your groom at the end of the aisle!