Beauty is an Attitude

In this image driven world many women strive towards having the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect everything! However, if we take an honest look at the women we admire, we will often find that what we love most about them is qualities that time can’t change. Grace Kelly had a certain poise and inner stillness that shone far brighter than her status or beauty. “She seemed to have been born with serenity the rest of us didn’t have,” said her sister Lizanne.

I think that as woman of the 21st century we should stop proclaiming that beauty is not about looking like a model and actually start believing ourselves- truly living it!  In Genesis 1:31(amplified bible) God says: “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it completely”. Who are we then to try and put ourselves down?

I am a firm believer that beauty is an attitude. If you ask a guy what the most attractive thing about a woman is, then 90% of them will answer: “definitely confidence”. Therefore, women should replace words like skinny, tall and popular with words like integrity, grace and self-worth. If you don’t believe that you are beautiful, how do you expect your fiancé  to convince you that you are the most stunning being he has ever laid eyes on?! Give the poor guy a break!

No, I am not denying that looks play a role in the dating game. However, I will guarantee you that your looks might get his attention, but who you are on the inside will captivate him until death parts you.

Being beautiful is about accentuating your best features, portraying confidence in whom you are and what you stand for, as well as simply just enjoying yourself and having a positive outlook on life.  Let’s turn those frowns into smiles and cry only when we are laughing from the bottom of our hearts.

Start by embracing your morning bed-hair look! Walk over to the mirror, take a good look at your sleepy eyes and messed-up hair; slightly turn sideways and give yourself a wink saying: “I look goooooood today!”