A beautiful wedding celebration, built on The Rock of Salvation – Jesus Christ

A beautiful wedding celebration, built on The Rock of Salvation – Jesus Christ

Henk and Minette were purposefully, yet secretly introduced by a mutual friend, Jeff. Clever Jeff, arranged a dinner party and invited both Henk and Minette over, he knew the two were meant for each other. Minette says she was not sure who the handsome stranger was, and then later on that evening, Jeff spilled the beans and said that he had planned the whole evening, just so that the two of them could meet!  Minette confesses that even though he was extremely good looking and well mannered, she was not easily persuaded to date someone she had just met, however, after numerous coffee’s, dinners and movie nights with friends, she could no longer deny that Jeff was right and that she was indeed, falling for this tall dark and handsome man, she now proudly calls her husband.

A mere 8 months later, Henk arranged a relaxed and romantic picnic on the banks of the Skeerpoort River, at the famous Van Gaalens cheese farm, on the foot of the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains.  Being an avid photographer, Henk had his camera with him to capture the scenery and their outing, which was not unusual.  At one point, Henk set up his camera on a tri-pod to take “selfie’s” of the two of them together. With the timer counting down, Minette pulled Henk closer to pose for a photo, only to find him down on bended knee, asking her to make him the happiest man alive.  Minette was caught completely by surprise, and for her it was a moment that she will treasure forever. There was never a doubt in her mind that it was a definite yes!

Oxbow country Estate was their venue of choice, and when questioned why, they said that apart from the beautiful green and luscious landscape which offers a romantic country atmosphere, the staff was friendly and welcoming.  They were looking for an intimate venue to cater for their small numbers, which could accommodate the wedding day to the morning after breakfast, they soon realised that Oxbow would be the perfect place.  As this formidable couple are both fly fishing enthusiasts, and Oxbow being a fly fishing lodge, the decision was final.

This couple describe their wedding as a metaphor, “forever and always”, in Afrikaans it’s “vir ewig en altyd”  this was used as their wedding logo and as their promise to each other. They had a logo custom designed which contained the promise “forever and always”.  They custom designed their invitations with the logo too,  and had it laser cut onto wood with an intricate pattern to fit the theme.  The wooden templates were then silk screen printed in white containing the wedding logo and invitation details.  The colours they chose were green, blue and light colours, with the light brown wooden textures.  They were so proud of the end results, they hand delivered each invitation to their guests.

They included meaningful scriptures from the bible as part of their wedding and the one on the invitation was Ecclesiastes 4:12 “A cord of three strands is not easily broken”. They used this throughout the wedding theme, having three strands in both of their rings, the cake had three tiers and the invitations had three strands that were braided together, resembling the scripture.  Paying tribute to the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, which is the foundation of their relationship and marriage.  They are both Christians and value their relationship with God, and it is most important to them to build their marriage on The Rock, Jesus Christ.

They say their relationship is built on love and respect, but most importantly on a foundation of faith. They both enjoy the same things in life, like spending time together and they both love the great outdoors.  Sometimes they swop roles from being absolute perfectionistic to being completely laid back, which balances the relationship beautifully.  His pet name for her is “sweet pea” and she loves and adores him and she says he makes her feel special every day. Minette confesses that she cannot wait to spend the rest of her life by his side.

For the flowers and decor, Minette says she wanted a natural, country feel, hence the wood textures and light colours.  Isabel from ICT flower design and herself chose fresh flowers for the flower girls hair and also for her maid of honour. Her bouquet was adorned with orchids, rose petals along the aisle during the ceremony, Table runners of greenery, blush champagne pink and white flowers for the tables and the chairs along the aisle had a simple hanging design to finish off the entire look. Metallic, copper with silver tone candle holders were used on the tables as part of the décor.

Minette says, her wedding look only came together two days before the wedding day.  She searched high and low for a champagne blush coloured gown with ivory lace. The Savita from Modeca was the closest she could find, and she says she just fell in love with it once she tried it on. . Once she had the gown, the rest seemed to fall into place, Her makeup artists was someone she knew very well and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. For her hair she wanted a messy curly side style and her hairstylist got it spot on. She eventually found her shoes and jewellery a day before the time.

As Henk as way taller than the average person and also having arms longer than the average person, he always faces buying clothes that just don’t fit.  He looked at renting a suit at first, but realised that he was not going to find something that was going to work. He says that when he walked into Reliance Tailors, before Vince, the owner even said hello, he said “I am going to have to make you a tailored fit suit”, and he knew that Henk would need a bespoke suit the moment he laid eyes on him.  Henk says it was a pleasure working with Vince, as he was always courteous, professional and well dressed, which is what is to be expected of a tailor.  Beyond all that, Henk says his price was very competitive and best value for money, as it included the tailor made three piece suit, white shirt, cufflinks and a tie, which Vince went out of his way to make for Henk, as the colour I was looking for was also hard to find. Henk says, “what I really like about Reliance Tailors is the wide variety they have available, from hundreds of choices of materials, to the different cut styles, for suits, collars and pockets, down to buttons and the different options for various stitching styles.  Vince also made a matching suit for my 12 year old best man.

Some of the highlights of their day included the emotion Henk showed when she walked down the aisle, and shed a tear, Minette says his reaction will remain with her forever.  The wind starting blowing as she walked down the aisle, however when she got to the front, it was as if time stood still and as if they were in their own love bubble – just the two of them and God.

Some other highlights on the day included the light rain that fell when the photographer took pictures; she describes it as soft, blessed rain, which made the day even more special.  When they walked into the reception hall and everything looked so stunning, even more stunning than they had ever imagined, the candles were lit and it gave such a romantic, intimate feel. Her first dance with her dad, and when she handed her flowers to her mom are further memories she will cherish forever.  “I also loved it when my husband carried me through the door of the honeymoon suite”, smiles Minette.

For their wedding favours they continued the theme of simplicity in their choices and handed each guest a succulent plant in small glass containers with a chocolate printed thank you note.

Minette’s advice to couples planning their wedding day “Be true to yourself, what you both want, and enjoy every moment of your journey to the altar. Slow down and enjoy the day, be sure to take everything in, you really want to remember everything about your day.”