A romantic picnic for two leads to a fantastic earthy wedding day celebration

A romantic picnic for two leads to a fantastic earthy wedding day celebration

Photography by Latitude Visuals

Gown by Lady Anne Bridal

Hair by Beauty Basic Hair

Megan and Vincent had known each other since grade 6 and were friends throughout high school. After they started dating, Megan was accepted at the University of Bloemfontein and Vincent in Pretoria, so they had no option but to do the long distance relationship thing, however, they both loved it! The weekends that they could visit they made the most of, and would cook together, go bowling and could watch up to 3 movies together on a lazy Sunday.  After Vincent completed his studies he started working in Rustenburg, where both of their parents live, so Megan says she went to visit him a lot.

On a particular day, after they had been dating for a while, Vincent took Megan to Silvermist Wine Farm, and she thought they were going for a spa treatment. To her delight he had arranged a beautiful picnic on a deck overlooking the winelands for just the two of them; it was truly majestic and very special. The next minute he went down on bended knee and Megan remembers not being able to look at him or even hear a word he was saying.  Megan cried tears of joy in absolute shock, he had to ask again, “So sal jy nou met my trou?” (So will you marry me now?)  Megan says it was the most perfect moment and she really loved her ring.  Apparently he had had a little help from her sister when selecting the perfect ring.

When asked to describe their wedding in one word, Megan laughingly said “ ’Bestdayofmylife’, that’s one word right?”

These two are real socialites, and they love to keep busy. They love good food and having a good braai with friends.  The both love animals and chocolates and love to watch videos of silly dogs.  She says they are both very neat and help each other with chores around the house and that he is very kind hearted and hard working.  “God just knew we would be the perfect fit,” she beams.

Being down to earth people, their vision was to have a forest/ fairy feel about their wedding.  Their vision was to have lots of flowers, but not bright colours, earthy pastels appealed to them. They wanted the abundant flowers to be draped with fairy lights, a kind of flower fairy light wonderland.  They loved their wedding venue as it was a different canvas to play around with, arty, but not over the top. Their invitation was a passport in a leather bag, which set the tone for their earthy vision.

Lots of peach, off white and white flowers were used and the décor was tan leather, grey and wood with peach and white as well. The smell of the flowers was incredible and the leather and wood was just a perfect combination.

As for her personal look for her wedding day, Megan says she wanted the best of both worlds, a fitted dress with an open back for the reception, but a princess feel for the ceremony. Her designer suggested a tulle skirt which she tied over her fitted dress, with a big bow.  Megan says her dress was very comfortable and she was grateful to have the two looks, the princess gown for the formalities and the form fitted gown for the party!

Megan loves rose gold and pearls for jewellery, so she had her hair softly tied back in a designer bun with a beautiful rose gold and pearl hair pin, very simple, but elegant.  Her hair was done by Narissa Winter of Basic Beauty Hair.  Narissa says that she decided on a classic and elegant up style as she still wanted the back of Megan’s gown to show. Narissa chose a style to complement Megan’s beautiful facial features and neckline. Her make-up was a soft peachy look with a bit of a smokey eye.

The wedding cake they chose was delicately hand painted with flowers, which suited their theme completely. Their flower girls were their sibling’s children which, to them was very special. Unique to their wedding, and because they only have two left, they asked their grannies to hand them the rings during the ceremony.  Also, the groom could not say his speech, when he tried to say anything, the male guests started to profusely spray Vincent with strings and they started singing or yelling when he tried to say even just one word, as is customary to these families. Megan says it was very funny at the time, and that he at least said “Megan, jy lyk pragtig,” (Megan, you look beautiful) before they started. However, Megan was moved to tears when she found the whole speech he had written, placed in a book after they returned from their honeymoon.

In keeping with the nature theme, they gave their guests wooden spoons with their initials engraved on them as well as personalised labelled bottles of wine. They wanted their guest to have something useful, something they knew they would use and not just have sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

As a surprise, Megan wrote and recorded a song for her husband, which was played whilst she walked down the aisle. Vincent was really surprised and loved her thoughtfulness. Megan also recorded a video where she thanked his and her parents for everything they have done for them in their lives. She also took Vincent on a trip down memory lane and complied images from when they first started dating until their wedding day. This gesture was also a total surprise and both parents and her hubby became very emotional when watching.

The highlight of her day involved getting ready, chilling and laughing, a lot, with the bridal party, her dad giving her a hug just before they entered the ceremony and asking her if she was ready? Her husband’s face as he watched her walk down the aisle as well as the bride and groom photo session and the bridal team photo session. The chats they had as husband and wife (finally!) before they entered the reception room and their first dance. The father and daughter dance will always hold a special place in Megan’s heart. The food was amazing, and the dancing too.

Their wedding co-ordinator gave them a choice, they could either decorate their own dessert table, or the venue would decorate it for them as a surprise.  They choose the surprise, who doesn’t like a surprise? Megan’s sister helped put the surprise dessert table together as she made the rice crispy treats and fudge.  The surprise dessert table was a sweets table! Filled with beautiful jars and containers of everyone’s favourite sweet treats that they could pop in a brown paper bag and devour as they pleased. The smiles on their guest’s faces throughout the evening and the dessert surprise reveal was a huge hit!

“Everything about the day was just perfect and we would do everything exactly the same if we had to ever do it over again.” Megan says she is certain that everyone could see in their eyes, just how happy they were. “To marry your best friend is the best thing in the world.  We really went all out to enjoy the day and to just have fun and that is exactly why the day was so special.”

Their advice to grooms and brides-to-be planning their wedding day is to enjoy everything. Ensure that you do all the prep work before hand to eliminate stress on the day. Don’t try to please everyone; it’s about the two of you. Enjoy every second, laugh, dance and have fun, but most of all pray. Pray about your day and give thanks to the Lord for all the small and big things. It truly is the best day of your life!