A fairy-tale wedding dream comes true

Photography: Larry English

Candice met Cheslin at his house on his dad’s birthday.  They were introduced by his cousin, who at the time was her best friend.

Their engagement story was written by Cheslin himself, and this is what he had to say “I arranged a romantic picnic at the Taal Monument in Paarl and made sure the basket was packed with delicious cheese and wine and a bottle of champagne.  We arrived at the monument by 14:00 and I guided her to our picnic spot. I honestly didn’t have an idea of how to propose and wanted to do something different.  At one point, Candice got up to go and take pictures of the view and I thought that I should perhaps pop the ring into her glass of  champagne but  changed my mind as I know this type of proposal has been done by many a man before.  So I decided to ask her to play a “game “with me called spot what’s missing from the basket.   She had to turn around whilst I took something from the basket, and when I said ready, she turned around and found me on bended knee with the ring in my hand. She was so overwhelmed all she could do was nod her head through the tears and she then gave me a proper kiss.”

Candice says “we searched for venues in the Paarl area on the internet because we live in Port Elizabeth.  When we came across Belair, we immediately fell in love with it and booked an appointment. When we eventually got to see the venue, we both knew that this was the place we wanted to say our vows at.  The landscaped gardens were just breath taking.  We also fell in love with the chapel; everything was just perfect for our planned fairy-tale wedding. ”

According to this couple, they have an understanding and honest relationship.  They support and love one another, and they admit that they are both stubborn, but on the upside they have a fun-filled passionate relationship, and they are both very caring, hardworking and goal driven.

To set the tone for their wedding day they decided on wedding passports as invitations.  They both dream about travelling the world someday and hope to fill their “passports” with many stamps. They had a photoshoot done for the pics for their passport wedding invitations, based on a “travel” theme.

Their décor theme that Candice had in mind was romantic/chic and the colour scheme she had in mind was mint green and navy blue.  She was fortunate enough to find a wedding planner that understood her vision and ideas and she made the décor and flowers a reality, more than they could ever have dreamed.

Candice is a no fuss woman, and she didn’t have any specific design in mind for her gown, except that she wanted it to have lace and a gorgeous back.  Fortunately for her the third gown she tried on she loved, and it fitted her perfectly too, so she knew she had found “the one”.  Once she had found her gown, the rest fell into place and she was able to find the right shoes and accessories to complement the gown. Her makeup artist was a gem and made her look the best version of herself for her big day.

Candice says they had the most amazing bridal crew ever.  Their groomsmen and bridesmaids made sure they had the best bachelor and bachelorette ever, not only that, they were there every step of the way on the wedding day and went way beyond their call of duty to ensure that everything went smoothly and perfectly.

Candice loved that she could make her own wedding favours.  She carefully chose little glass jars and filled them with mint sweeties and labelled each one with a “mint to be” label and included their names and wedding date.  Each jar lid was tied up with a little mint green ribbon and a thank you note.

As things go wrong on weddings, this one went off without a hitch, except that Candice was just a little late for the ceremony.  Nothing gets the grooms nerves going more than a late bride!!  On the upside, the highlights of her day included her father walking her down the aisle and seeing the look on her husband’s face when he first saw her, as well as the tenderness of the exchanging of the vows.  Another highlight for her was when her husband surprised her with the “Magic Mike” dance on the dance floor, in fact, it was a real hit for everyone.

Candice says that everything about their wedding was absolutely special and unique, and it was the wedding day she had always dreamt of.  She cannot thank her husband enough that he made it possible for her to have the fairy-tale wedding she always wanted.  She says that she believes that the reason why everything went so well on the day was due to the fact that everyone worked so well together to ensure everything would be just perfect.  Candice says that if she could do it all over again she wouldn’t change a thing.

The advice this couple gives is to do what you love.  Invite the people you want to share your special day with.  Be open to suggestions, but don’t allow others to choose for you or make decision for you.  Be the King and Queen of your day and enjoy every moment.