5 Awesome Cake Ideas!

Take inspiration from almost anything you love, to inspire your wedding cake design. Whether it’s your love of travel, trees, raspberries or even cheese.  Find a cake designer who is creative enough to build on your ideas and make something really original for your special day.


Having a couple of cakes on show at your wedding comes with a couple of benefits too. Firstly it allows you create a visually stunning  display  of your cake table and it gives you the opportunity to have multiple flavours and textures on the finishes of your cakes.  Your guests will love that they have more than once choice, so wow them with this new trend on your special day.



Of late, the naked cake has taken centre stage and we love the way you can top these cakes with seasonal fruit, so they can be a hit in any season.  The naked cake appeals to so many of your senses, sight, smell and of course taste. The naked cake can have multiple layers of different fillings, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot etc.  The options are endless and of so yummy!!  Simple but beautiful.


Pick anything you want and have it illustrated on your cake.  As a suggestion, have the design you used on your invitations illustrated on your cake.  Let your imagination run wild as you decide how to truly personalise your unique cake.  It can be something you both love, like a bicycle or the first flower he ever gave you.  Have fun deciding!



Another artful cake design is the ombre effect.  This four tier buttercream rose cake is truly a work of art and one to be desired. The ombre effect can be made with all kinds of icing, not only buttercream.  The buttercream gives this cake a whimsical feel, but you can experiment with any colour and almost any icing you love.



Make a statement with a multiple tiered elegant cake.  These classic cakes are dressed up with bows, flowers and loads of intricate work.  Make your cake an integral part of your wedding by displaying it in a beautiful setting and ensure the lighting enhances your stunning masterpiece.


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