2020 Grooms & Groomsmen Trends

2020 Grooms & Groomsmen Trends

While it might seem like wedding dress trends grab all the attention, let’s not overlook the fresh, new looks coming onto the groom wedding attire scene. Grooms, groomsmen, and even grooms maids are no longer expected to play it safe with fashion, and instead, have endless attire options to fully customize their look.

Luxurious Velvet
For men tying the knot in winter, velvet is an increasingly popular option. There are many different colours of velvet jackets that pair perfectly with black pants for a chic yet classic look. Plus, if a groom doesn’t want to go all velvet, there’s always a velvet bow tie to add a little bit of autumn or winter flair to his look.

Jewel Tones
For men interested in a twist on tradition, vibrant groom wedding attire colour options are a great go-to. Rich colours like burgundy, maroon and forest green are all adding a modern edge to suit and tuxedo styles, allowing grooms to make a statement on their big day.

Playful Tie Patterns
When it comes to incorporating pattern, many grooms and groomsmen are beginning to embrace a more daring look. While solid, more neutral tie colours still rule weddings, we love how some couples are choosing a bold and fun tie to define their wedding style.

Contrast Vests
While the term “contrast vest” might give you bad flashbacks to high-school senior prom, this look is slowly making a more tasteful appearance in groom wedding attire. While we’re not seeing bright coloured vests make a comeback, we are seeing more grooms choose a textured grey vest as a complement to the navy suit for a mix-and-match look.

Never-ending Navy
Despite its popularity for many years in a row, experts agree that navy blue is one menswear trend that’s not going anywhere in 2020. The classics are still going strong, and navy is such a great grounding colour to play with fun accessories like the contrast vest or patterned tie. Plus, navy still gives you that formal look but can also easily be styled for a rustic backyard wedding. The navy blue tuxedo is an ongoing most-requested look. There are so many style options in navy blue. Whether it’s navy with a black lapel or all navy, it’s a very modern style option while still holding a traditional look.