2018 Wedding Gown trends

Capes, detached sleeves, Black Accents and loads of pearls are making a huge comeback in 2018, we bring you five of the gown trends in 2018

Capes, Caplets and Princess Capes

With a royal wedding on the cards once again, capes and caplets have made a huge comeback in 2018, just the royal touch brides are looking for.  Whether long or short, we love the way capes make gowns look extra special. Often time, shoulders need to be covered for Religious reasons, so here is a great way to cover them up!!

Bare shoulders

This 2017 trend continues into 2018.  Off-the-shoulder as well as detachable sleeves are still on trend.

Pale Blue Gowns

Your something blue can be your gown in 2018.  The old tradition something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, can be your gown.  All shades of blue gowns were found all over the International runways.

Shades of Blush

The blush trend is taking on varying shades of pink and nude. This ultra-romantic colour will always be an all-time favourite and is here to stay.

The Bride Wore black

White wedding gowns are no longer brides only choice, the 2018 trends include completely black wedding gowns, to black bows, gloves, and other black accents on gowns.