An ultra-modern wedding extraordinaire!!

An ultra-modern wedding extraordinaire!!

When two creatives wave their magic wand for their special day, nothing but wonderfulness is borne!

Shanaaz and Yusuf had been together for almost 10 years before saying their “I do’s”, so they both knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day;  a modern, trendy, chic wedding breaking away from tradition. They did not have a wedding cake and nobody noticed, and they both arrived at their wedding in an uber!!

Yusuf is so comfortable with knowing Shanaaz’s likes, so much so, that he approved the venue even before she had seen it.  He also selected her engagement ring without her choosing it and kept it a lock tight secret for months before slipping the ring onto her finger whilst she was asleep. He was asleep when she woke to find the ring twinkling on her finger and she woke him. It’s safe to say there were loads of tears and giggles.

When asked what word they would use to describe their wedding, they both agree that it would be trendy!! They also agree that they stayed true to their creativity and personal unique style and they felt that they achieved this.  To set the tone for their wedding day they sent out a video invite, which they directed themselves.

They both loved that the location of the venue was in the heart of Cape Town.  Young Blood catered for the ceremony and reception being under one roof and they felt it was picture perfect for them. The art pieces in the gallery offered a very different feel to the traditional wedding vibe and were fitting to their personalities. They opted for minimal flowers but choose more greenery and geometric shapes enhancing the beauty of the venue.

Mandy from Visualisation Station was approached to help plan and style their wedding, which posed a small problem, the couple live in Johannesburg and they wanted to host their wedding in Cape Town.  However, Mandy was spot on with everything they visualised for their day. Shanaaz says she was their saving Grace.

Mandy says, “Shanaaz and Yusuf had a very clear idea for their style and Shanaaz was refreshingly pragmatic about what flowers would be best to use for her February wedding.  Their style was crisp, unfussy and quite modern.  We decided on large green leaves of maximum impact, the high ceilings in the gallery seemed just right for that.  Good food, generously presented, was a priority for the couple and so, long harvest tables were chosen. This presented a challenge for us because the food platters on the tables didn’t allow for much decor and so as with everything new and fun, the problem made us come up with something different and creative. Big Leaves set on a black and white trellis pattern were printed for us by Artlab and made into runners. Right up until the last day we weren’t sure whether we would fit the big leaf arrangements on the tables, but were reassured that we would have the unusual and very decorative runners to create the mood we wanted the guests to enjoy”.

Mandy adds, “As well as geometric shapes suspended from the ceiling and casting beautiful shadows on the gallery wall, I arranged a very large green leaf chandelier to hang above Yusuf and Shanaaz to add a bit of a wow factor during the ceremony .Everything however must have paled into insignificance when Shanaaz walked down the aisle looking magnificent in her beautiful dress. It was a great pleasure helping them with their very special day.”

When asked how Shanaaz achieved her wedding look she said that she wanted something timeless and elegant.  As a makeup artist herself, she often decides what is best for the bridal look, however, this time she decided that her makeup artist could get as creative as she wished and her brief was just that she did not want the traditional look. She was more than happy with the end result and admits that her whole look was perfectly blessed.