The Flower Lady

The Flower Lady

We interviewed Isabel Thomas of ICT Flower Designs. Isabel really loves what she does and it shows. She fondly refers to her clients as “my brides”.

Isabel says that her career started by default as she was always helping family members with flowers and décor.  She decided she loved it so much and turned it into a business instead and that is how ICT Flower Designs was born in 1995.

“One of the most important skills to have as a floral designer is to be able to interpret what the bridal couple’s vision is. Listen very carefully to what they tell you and help them solve possible problems.  It could be that they have a very limited budget, or that a family member wants to get too involved.  Often times she has managed to solve problems for her couples without them even knowing it.  I manage to let my bridal couple’s feel that they are in the right place at the right time from the moment they walk into my studio”, beams Isabel.

Isabel says that success to her is when the family members or friends of the couples she has done flowers and décor for, books their functions or future weddings with her. When we asked Isabel what she considered her failures to be, she admits that her compassion for people and always extending a helping hand has also been her downfall as she has found that people do take advantage of her generous spirit from time to time.

Isabel says she is motivated by the uniqueness of each wedding and every bridal couple’s unique ideas, and nothing gives her more pleasure than to fulfil their dreams and to offer each couple a personal service and very high standards of workmanship.

To keep updated with the latest trends in décor and flower designs, Isabel travels to Europe on a regular basis to attend the large bridal shows.  “My inspiration comes from my mother, her love of flowers which she grew in her very own garden, made me fall in love with flowers too. She always had flowers in her hair, flowers in our rooms, in the bathrooms and all over our home”, Isabel smiles.

It is not always possible to do the flowers and decor at the venue, especially at destination weddings, so having the correct vehicle to deliver the flowers is imperative. Fortunately, ICT now can deliver precious wedding flowers and décor in the right vehicles.

Isabel also says that the flowers and décor set the scene for any wedding, so it is vitally important to get as much information from the couple.  After questioning the couple on what style they have in mind, whether it will be a formal or informal affair and what colours they prefer.  Once we understand their vision the flowers and décor comes effortlessly.

We asked Isabel about the latest 2017 trends and she believes that Botanical Greenery is still the biggest current trend.  She says that they make entire table runners using only ivy and succulents. Another trend is to use large leaves and Isabel has made large chapel arrangements with delicious monster leaves, sword fern, willow, lemon grass leaves and ivy trailing from it.  Using jewel colours in between the greenery or tables runners with ivy and gum with deep red roses and dark purple lizianthus, is just some her latest creations.

Her favourite wedding season is winter and she says:

“Think ceremony in a forest with trees surrounding you.  Supply your guests with soft knee blankets and wrap yourself in a soft furry shawl.  For this ceremony you will need large colourful flower arrangements”.

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