Rules to Suit the Groom

Rules to Suit the Groom

It’s your special day too, so you want to make a statement with your suit or whatever you decide to wear.  Everyone’s eyes will be on both of you and this is your opportunity to show off your style as a couple, so make it count!   Most tuxedos look good on a tall, slim frame.  To look broader, try a double breasted suit.  To look slimmer, try a fitted suit with a nip in the waist and stick to darker colours.  To appear taller, go for a two or three button jacket.

As you will be dancing the night away, make sure the fit is comfortable. When trying on your suit, move around, lift your arms, do twists, make sure there’s lots of mobility without feeling uncomfortable.  If you are having a bespoke suit made, make mention of this to your tailor beforehand.

Here are a few tailoring rules:

Your jacket sleeve hem should reach the wrist bone with your shirt cuff showing below.

Your jacket should cover your buttocks, and if the vents pulls open, it means the jacket is too tight.

Your collar should lay flat against the back and sides of the neck without any bulges.

The trouser should be comfortable when sitting as well as standing, and the hem should just cover the top of the shoe.