O.S Man Tailor Made – Omar Osman

O.S Man Tailor Made – Omar Osman

We interview Omar Osman, the formidable force behind O.S Man Tailor Made

How many studios does O.S Man currently have and which is your flagship? Expand on why the decisions were made to launch a new studio in Umhlanga and your goals and dreams for the new studio?

O.S Man currently has 3 studios. Our flagship store is in Brooklyn, Pretoria. That’s where our factory is as well. We allow all our customers to come view how their suits get made. It’s sort of poetic seeing something change from a piece of fabric, going through all those stages and finally on to your body fitting you perfectly.

We’ve decided to launch in Umhlanga because there’s a huge gap in the Durban market. It’s a step in the right direction to reach our goal. We plan to open up in Cape Town next year and then after that we will expand further into Africa and then Europe.

Our Umhlanga studio is our best looking one. It’s going to be a hub for sartorial junkies. We will have limited edition styles and fabrics exclusive to our Umhlanga studio only.

What makes O.S Man a cut above the rest?

The way our suits are cut make us a cut above the rest. We are one of the very few tailors in South Africa offering full bespoke. Most tailors offer made-to-measure.

Everything made by us comes with a maintenance plan. That means if a suit purchased from us no longer fits after your wedding day or any other occasion. We make it bigger and smaller free of charge. We even have a 24 hour stylist line that you can call if you need help matching your partner for an event.

We never turn down any customers no matter their financial situations. We will always make a plan.

We have made over 4000 suits and not one customer has left any of our stores unhappy. We have a policy that if you are not happy with your suit we will remake it and make sure you’re happy when you leave.

Expand on what services you have to offer?

For formal Attire: We offer bespoke suits, tuxedos and shirts.

For casual attire: we offer bespoke jeans, chinos, track pants & shorts.
We also offer bespoke ties, bow ties, winter coats, women’s suits. Basically anything you can think of.

What can grooms and groomsmen expect when they visit O.S Man Tailor Made?

Visiting O.S Man is about the experience. When visiting us you become part of the family. We spend time chatting to you, I personally hand you my cell phone number that you may call at any time. We make sure we’ll do everything your fiancé to be needs to be done. When a wedding party visits us we send a stylist to accompany you on the wedding day. He will dress you and make sure everyone looks perfect on the day.

Discuss the latest trends or your ideas?

We’re bringing in a lot of tweeds and flannels. Grey flannel suits are very big with us this year. Also polo-necks with suits will be a huge part of our winter collection. We are also making fur cool again as a part of our winter coat collection.

Visit us at any of our stores:
Brooklyn Studio:
256 Dey Street. Brooklyn. Pretoria.
Tel: 012 346 3478

Sandton Studio:
Corner Rivonia and Maude Street.
Sandown. Sandton.
Tel: 011 326 5979

Umhlanga Studio:
Corner Millennium Boulevard & 8 Solstice Road.
Umhlanga Ridge.
Tel: 031 536 8407

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