Kenya – Wedding and Honeymoon Utopia

Kenya – Wedding and Honeymoon Utopia

Kenya, well known for its all-round excellent weather, expansive wildlife reserves, national parks and white sand beaches, is home to the modern safari and is the ultimate wedding destination.

The beautifully crafted landscapes, rich with flora and fauna and incomparable views leave one spoilt for choice, making Kenya the perfect destination for couples looking to step outside the box and mark the beginning of a lifetimes journey, in the most unique and memorable way possible.

Leave the conventional and traditional wedding aesthetic behind and add an elegant touch with true African flair. Start off by exchanging the white wedding dress and tuxedo for a Maasai styled wedding, incorporating bright effervescent Kenyan attire adorned with stunningly handmade beaded jewellery. After the exchange of vows invite the wedding party for a snorkelling experience like no other, travel deep into the Indian Ocean to explore the diverse marine life thriving on the Kenyan coastlines.

The savannah plains offer couples the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and exchange their vows surrounded by picturesque sceneries, which embody a spectacular romantic atmosphere. For those with a love for the sea, Kenya offers the perfect destination to make your dreams of walking barefoot down an isle of white-sand overlooking clear turquoise waters, come true.

If the sought after Kenyan safari life is on your bucket list, you have to experience the exhilarating big game safari in any one of the iconic national parks.  Enjoy a honeymoon adventure on a game drive, or even better a safari on foot where you might find yourself among zebra, elephants, birds and many other gifts of nature.

After a day of adventure and just before leaving Kenyan soil, an appointment at a Kenyan spa’s is crucial. Spend a tranquil morning being pampered before getting back to the daily hustle and bustle of the real world.

Kenya prides itself with creating magical moments, allowing people to experience unique features of Kenyan culture for an unforgettable journey.