Jolanda and Jacques

Jolanda and Jacques

A timeless and classic celebration, Blessed on earth and in Heaven
Photography: 228 Photography

It was not love at first sight for this couple; they really got to know each other very well over a span of 8 years before tying the knot.  Having met at work, they were first co-workers, and then as the years passed by, they became friends, then best friends and finally they fell in love.

Having a solid foundation and knowing each other very well, they describe their relationship as both of them being very strong willed and dedicated, that communication and being treated with respect is the glue in their relationship and they believe that situations can be overcome by communication and compromise.  They both honour God and consult Him before they make any decisions, no doubt a blessed union in the sight of God.

Jacques planned a surprise engagement for Jolanda on her birthday.  So, she had no idea that the romantic setting in their own back garden, a picnic set up, which included no less than 100 lit candles, champagne and of course some food, was, not only to celebrate her birthday, but for him to pop the question too!!  In hind sight, maybe hiding the engagement ring in the bowl of food was not the best idea, as Jacques became increasingly nervous as Jolanda was very slow in eating her meal and he watched her every bite, praying she wouldn’t swallow the ring.  Finally he could wait no longer, so he offered to help her finish eating her bowl of food, and he scooped out as much as he could to expose the shiny object.  She was just about to complain when she realised it was an engagement ring. Jacques had a speech prepared, but her excitement and surprise could not be restrained and she grabbed him around the neck and repeatedly said yes, yes, yes which left him no time to say anything!!

They both agreed that the Indaba Hotel and Conference Venue, was the ideal spot for them to say their “I do’s”, as it offers many packages and options to suit every bride and grooms needs and budget.  They were both sold to the idea when they realised that the hotel has a stunning chapel on site as well as amazing photo opportunities in their magnificent gardens and the reception area was just perfect. What was even more fabulous is that the staff at the venue are all so professional and helpful,  and going the extra mile for their clients, without even expecting it, is something they do with pleasure.  Jolanda says “a big thank you to Tanja and Tebogo, you guys rock!!”  An added bonus for them as part of the package they chose at the Hotel, is that they can check in for their first wedding anniversary and spend the night on a dinner bed and breakfast basis, and, as the Hotel also has it’s own in house beauty Spa, they also received an evening night spa package for the stay over.

After lengthy discussions, visiting bridal expo’s and searching the internet, they found what they both love, a timeless and classic look for their wedding day, and to achieve this look for their décor, they opted for pastel coloured roses and king Protea flowers. Included in their choices were square mirrors, silver candelabra’s, glass and crystal balls, glass under plates, adorned with roses and candles, which complement their style.  They also chose white chair covers with blush pink tie backs and overlays on the tables to achieve their timeless and classic theme.  The main table had two large fishbowl vases with king Proteas displayed inside and Jolanda’s hand bouquet was a single king Protea with small pastel roses around it.  The wedding favours were little glass containers, which formed part of the décor, and contained printed personalised Bible verses and a personalised thank you notes to each guest, sprinkled with a few speckled eggs for fun.

Considerately they opted for semi-circular seating at their wedding tables, so not one of their guests had to sit with their backs to the main table and festivities, never heard of before, but we, at Wedding Collection, think it’s a fabulous idea!! Also, Jolanda’s dad turned 70 on the day of their wedding, so they decided to include his birthday celebration into their wedding day, and had slide show of her dad’s life as part of the reception festivities.

Jolanda tried on numerous wedding dresses, and many tears, money and time later (as most of the bridal shops charge to fit gowns), she presented a pic of the dress she loved to a designer, and taking her body shape into consideration, he created the gown of her dreams. Not only is he a gown designer, but a makeup artist and hair stylist too, so she hit the jackpot when she found the designer who knew exactly how to complement her make-up and hair style too, which was in line with her timeless and classic look.  Being practical as usual, she bought shoes that she could wear again, finding it pointless to purchase a pair of shoes that could not be worn again.

As for disasters, this is one that brides and grooms have nightmares about.  As it was one of the tasks allocated to Jacques to collect the wedding cake, he dutifully went, the day prior to the wedding, to collect the cake.  As he and one of the employees was carrying the cake to the vehicle, the wind came up and blew one of the boxes out of the employees hands and it landed on the pavement, in pieces!!   At first they did not tell Jolanda as they did not want her to stress, however once he had reassurance form the confectioner that he would not only replace the cake, but ensure that it was delivered on time at the venue the next day, so, Jacques eventually told Jolanda and they both laugh and said, “It was a real whew moment though”!!

This couple, being self-confessed Christians, said that something they will always remember and treasure in their hearts forever, was when the Hebrew blessing was played in the church as well as the holy communion they had as part of their ceremony, for them it was important to make God part of their day.

Jolanda said that she loved that the photographers took some images of them in the honeymoon suite and particularly the images of Jacques carrying her into the room.  Jolanda says she has never seen any couples take pics of this type of special moment, and she was grateful that it was suggested.

Jolanda says she was concerned about the weather on their wedding day as they had set the date for the middle of winter.  “As I woke up on the morning of our special day, the sun was shining and there was no wind, the skies were clear, and I realised how blessed we were with perfect weather,” she gleams.

Highlights of the wedding included how perfectly the whole day went.  Jolanda loved how surprised and emotional her father, (and everyone else), was when they played the slide show to celebrate his birthday at the reception. The sleep over at the hotel the night before with her sister, having had a great time, the delicious food served by the venue, and their first dance was among the memories she will cherish forever.

“Remember to always keep God in all your decisions and you will have a mind-blowing, amazing day” is their advice for a successful and wonderful wedding day and as a matter of fact, if you put Him first expect to live life this way too!!