How to get the pictures you want

How to get the pictures you want

It’s all about timing!  There are no rehearsals, so ensure that the photographer you choose understands that you want ALL the details of ALL the events covered on your wedding day. Plan time lines with your photographer so that it is clear to all parties what is expected.  Allocate time to the following event of your day:

  • Getting Ready (Both groom and bride and your entourages )
  • The Ceremony (Before guests arrive of the final look of your chapel and the whole ceremony, especially the walk down the aisle)
  • The Reception (Before guests arrive of the final look of your tables, cake etc.)
  • The Family Pics (Select an area in advance where you would like to have these taken)
  • Alone Time Pics of the Groom and Bride (Select a stunning setting close by for these)
  • Wedding Party Pics with your new spouse (make these as much fun as possible)
  • The Party Reception (allocate the longest time for this event)

GETTING READY (Allocate 1-2 hours)
This is a special time as usually you will be filled with excitement and nervousness and this usually leads to some great shots. When it is just the girls getting ready, reminiscing about the bride and groom results in some funny moments.  The groom and his groomsmen getting ready is usually also filled with some good laughs and something you’d like to remember

THE CEREMONY (Allocate 1-2 hours)
It is of utmost importance the you ensure coverage time that includes getting all your beautiful ceremony details photographed beforehand including the chapel and the reception area.

Your photographer should also allocate some of this time to take images of the final look of the chapel prior to guests arriving as well as the reception area, taking some pics of the final look of your tables complete with décor and cake etc.


Your photographer should take image of your guest entering the ceremony and   a great photographer will understand the importance of your arrival at the chapel, the walk down the aisle, and the look on your grooms face is something you will cherish forever. It is also important that your photographer gets image of you exchanging vows and rings, signing of the register and of course your grand exit.

THE FAMILY PICS (Allocate 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of family members)

Select the area where the family pics are to be taken before starting the day and ensure that all parties concerned are informed. It can be so difficult to get both families together and all in one place after the ceremony, but these photos are so important as it is probably one of the few times that both your families will be all together and capturing these moments is priceless. The catch, these can take a long time!


With all the attention on the bride and groom a few images away from the crowds can help capture the love that exists between the newlyweds.  Make time alone with your photographer in a picturesque environment to go off and make some unforgettable moments.  It can be in a nearby area like a park, old barn or nearby beach.LarissaRayPRINT-256

WEDDING PARTY SHOTS (Allocate 1 hour)
Now for the fun part! With all the formal pics out of the way this is the time when you get to let loose and just enjoy time with your wedding party and your new spouse!

THE RECEPTION (Allocate 2-3 hours)
The reception is the longest portion of the coverage and will include the grand entrance, speeches, first dances, throwing of the bouquet, removing the garter and opening the dance floor to the guests. Usually 2 to 3+ hours is needed to cover everything that happens at the reception.


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