Frosting your Wedding Cake

Frosting your Wedding Cake

Some may dread the coldest season of the year, but if you are a fan you will know exactly where to look for the best inspiration and that is exactly what we found! The way snowflakes cover the earth in a romantic white veil is something that can mesmerize your being. Therefore, we wanted to incorporate that same mixed feeling of fascination and enchantment when it came to a winter themed wedding cake.


When you think about winter, allow your imagination to steer beyond the colour white. Envision sparkling crystals, elegantly reflecting different pallets of silver and blue or pops of vivacious reds, with shades of black and grey, adding depth and richness. The options to choose from are near endless, what matters are the combinations you put together. Therefore, we would recommend that you take a step back and really think what it is about the winter season that captivates you and then play around with the different ideas for your beautiful wedding cake.

Different textures and patterns can also be a way of enhancing your winter vision. You could add soft, delicate frosting to create a fluffy-cotton look or add a bit of edge to the cake with icicle chocolate strips, which inspire more of a feathery look. If you place a snowflake under a microscope you might be inspired by its lace-type pattern, which will work perfectly on a wedding cake as lace is somewhat recognized as the fabric of love. You could also create some character and movement with ‘snowballs’ in different sizes, creatively placed to spoil the eye.

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Another cleaver inspiration is to use icing sugar to create the effect of falling snow on your wedding cake. A light blue coloured cake could not only be your something blue, but could also be used as the perfect base for displaying your dry icing sugar snow effect. Adding some glitter to the mix might help you produce a picture perfect resemblance of shimmering snowflakes on the mountain tops.

Working together with your baker, you can portray your most desired winter wonderland wedding cake. Something that brides should always remember is to clearly communicate your vision as elaborate as possible, to ensure that your dream frosted wedding cake does not turn out to be a nightmare.

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