Fresh and Fabulous

Fresh and Fabulous

Wedding Cake Trends

Although white wedding cakes will always have their place at weddings, it’s time to choose something different.

The most popular wedding cakes are light and natural, or fresh and rustic.  ‘The Drip Cake’ is currently very popular. It’s basically a cake adorned with bits and pieces of one’s favourite candy, cookies or chocolate, and a generous dose of chocolate ganache or caramel dripping in the most eloquent and delicious of ways.

Florals also couldn’t be more fashionable when it comes to the world of weddings right now, and this goes for floral wedding cakes too! Leading London wedding cake designer, Rosalind Miller, predicts that florals will continue to be a big trend. Think bright and bold florals, such as large statement peonies and roses, as well as more organic floral arrangements like climbing flowers with lots of foliage.

Handcrafted sugar flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers as they combat the heat, always looking fresh and vibrant. They also offer the ability to match colour schemes and allow for a variety of flower types to be used on a single cake. The most popular flowers being requested are Peonies, Roses, Orchids and Ranunculus. Many couples save the sugar flowers as a memento of their special occasion. By making use of contrasting colours, these works of art are eye-catching and inspiring. Using a combination of edible colours, to colour and airbrush flowers, creates contrast and depth, Using sugar flowers over the real thing is great and  adding a touch of “jewels” to your cake such as brooches, buttons, crystals and pearls.

Dessert tables are going to feature alongside smaller cakes. An array of macaroons, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes adds fun to the social aspect of such a joyous occasion. It is indeed a visual and joyous sweet feast!

To add extra character and romance to a dessert table, there’s nothing more delicious and dramatic as a croquembouche (French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel). “I take it a step further by providing the couple with an array of fillings to choose from such as Hazelnut Crème, the traditional Crème Pâtissière, or something fruity and light such as orange and rosemary whipped buttercream, the options are endless!

To add some femininity to your wedding cake, the use of trending lace (edible and non-edible) will continue to beautify wedding cakes during the summer season. It adds delicacy, drama and elegance to a true fairy-tale wedding.

For those couples looking for an alternative to the “norm”, Steampunk – a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy, inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery – is another trend setter. Gears, metal, rivets and clocks form part of these designs, which are intriguing and offer a unique colour palette.