Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Speak to any bride and she’ll say that her day went by in the blink of an eye and she wishes she could do it over, and over again! Your wedding memories, as unforgettable as they may be, are fleeting. It’s important therefore that you have the right photographer and videographer to capture not only the photos and videos so you have physical reminders to reflect on, but also that they capture the essence of our big day.


Wedding videos have become in demand at weddings over the past few years, as it allows the bridal couple to relive and share one of the most memorable days of their lives. So it’s important to find a videographer that understands and respects that there is often only one chance to capture a moment, and that every little detail and effort is precious.

The quality of editing afterwards and attention to every special detail throughout the day is of utmost importance.  A great videographer should be able to recreate your day on DVD or Blu-ray with menus, chapters, music and animation for you, your family and friends to relive your day in detail.  A great videographer would simply tell a story through the lens, in an unobtrusive manner.   A cinematic short video outlining the highlights of the day should also included, which could be shared on social media and other platforms.  

Your choice of videographer should never shoot a wedding with only one camera, as things can  and do go wrong. They should be equipped with spare batteries, memory cards and lenses. They should have invested in quality audio recording and good sound because it’s just as important to tell the story as the visuals.



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