Choosing a Venue? Important Questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.

Choosing a Venue? Important Questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.

Choosing a venue is the most important part of planning your wedding. Do as much research on the internet and watch videos where you can before spending time rushing out trying to find the right fit. It’s almost like finding the person you’re going to marry, you’ll know instantly!!

Most wedding venues are booked well in advance, so if you do fall in love, make sure you have a few dates available and if you’re flexible about the day of the week, that would make it much easier to find the right venue at the right time of the year.

Once you’ve decided, you’ve set the foundation and everything else revolves around this decision, which is why it is of utmost importance that you understand what you are paying for.

Below are the important questions you should ask

Available Dates

  • Are there dates available during the month(s) you are interested in?
  • If you are getting married off peak, enquire about discounts.
  • Is there any flexibility in different spaces or with a different table layout?

Rental Fees

  • What exactly is included in the rental fee? Is it the Reception Venue space, tables and chairs, linens, crockery and cutlery and are there different choices of these?
  • Until what time is the Venue space available for the fee?
  • Can additional hours be added on and is there a fee and how much per hour?

Size of Venue and Chapel

  • How many guests can the venue and chapel seat and are there other possibilities to either enlarge or minimise if necessary?


  • Food plays a very important role at your wedding, as most guests will remember your choices. If food is provided by your venue, make sure to go over all the options and costs before signing anything.


  • Is the venue licensed to serve alcohol?
  • If you are going to sponsor some of the alcohol, be sure to communicate at what amount the bill should be capped. Usually wine and champagne is offered on the tables, however, your invitation should be clear on your alcohol policy.
  • Open bar (where you would pay for the drinks) or cash bar (where guests would pay for their drinks)?

Wedding Cake

  • If the venue is providing the food, ensure that you are able to bring in your own cake from an outside source.

Décor and Flowers

  • If the venue has their own wedding planner, wedding specialist or wedding decorator on hand, is it compulsory that you have to make use of their services or can you choose an outside service provider?


  • Are you allowed candles or bring in your own lighting company?

Honeymoon suite

  • Is the honeymoon suite available for use on the day for you to dress and prepare for the ceremony and for the night of the wedding?
  • Is this included or is it an additional cost?


  • Is there any security available and is there an additional cost for this?


  • Does the venue have liability insurance and whis is covered under the policy?

Deposit and final payment

  • How much is the deposit and when is the final payment due or is there a payment plan?
  • What are the cancellation policies and fees?

Additional Fees

  • What taxes, service charges, cleaning fees, overtime and gratuity is included in the contract?
  • Are there any additional fees that you have not enquired about?

Once you have all these items covered, request a quotation and contract in writing before signing anything. Review the contract carefully and make copies or save in a safe place. Hopefully you will not have to deal with anything negative, but it’s best to be prepared.

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