Bridal Beauty Countdown

Bridal Beauty Countdown

Here’s advice that’ll have you looking simply glowing from head to toe on your wedding day:

12 months until the wedding – Start your fitness regimen!

It’s important to start early to drop weight the healthy way and the only way is through diet and exercise. Unfortunately there are no short cuts. Don’t be tempted to take any weight loss-promising pills, powders or gels. You should get a start early on things to avoid the temptation to crash diet closer to your big day, which will just cause stress and fatigue. Set a realistic goal for yourself, but most of all know that you are going to look fabulous no matter what.

10-11 months until the wedding – Starting a Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is most important.  Choose a beauty therapist that you feel comfortable with and go for a facial at least once a month before your big day. While there is never a “wrong” time to start, the earlier you begin, the smoother and clearer your skin will look and the more relaxed your mind will be..

9-10 months until the wedding – Removing Excess Body & Facial Hair

Everyone has unwanted hair. Luckily, there are many different options available. Ask friends for recommendations and scout the Internet for user reviews before deciding on a technician Ask for a test run or consultation. Have the technician perform a spot test near your hand or arm to check for any adverse or allergic reactions.  There are many options to remove unwanted hair, laser, electrolysis or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair removal.  Discuss the options with your technician and decide which option is best for you.

8 Months until the wedding – Choosing your hair Style

When choosing a stylist, get recommendations from friends who have used that stylist before for their own wedding. Bring in a picture of a particular style that you like. Make sure you sit down with your chosen hair stylist and go over what you want, while listening to their suggestions. Make sure you ask questions, such as, “What would look best on me with my type of hair?”

6-7 Months until your wedding – Finding the right makeup artist

Putting off finding a makeup artist until the last minute is never a good idea. It’s a good idea to choose a make-up artist who you can laugh with.  When you have finally found someone you’re comfortable with and whose rates fit your budget, sit and discuss how you envision your wedding-day look. She should give you the right advice after checking out your style and skin tone.

4-5 Months until the wedding – Perfecting Your Dazzling Smile

A white, dazzling smile is one of the best accessories you can have The amount of time it will take depends on how many shades lighter you want or are recommended to change. There are several whitening options, and all will work.
Also keep in mind what you’ll be doing after the treatment your teeth will likely be sensitive, and you’ll be restricted to only consuming “white” foods and drinks, so don’t schedule a wine tasting for later that day.

2-3 months until the wedding – Getting Your Strands in Shape

At this point, schedule a second meeting and have a trial run so you can make sure you are completely satisfied with the look and how it works with your gown and veil or headpiece. It is also important to know how to remove the veil without messing up your hair, so have the stylist teach you and a friend how to, if they are going to be available on the day.

1 month until the wedding – Your Focus: Touch up Your Colour and Cut

With only one month to go, now is the time to get your hair trimmed and have one final color touch-up. You want to allow your hair to grow out a bit before the wedding, giving a more natural look. This also allows for any unforeseen errors, such as a color mistake or incorrect style, to be rectified before any photos are taken.

1 Week until the wedding – All the finer details 

Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes. Call guests who have not replied to your RSVP deadline. Communicate the wedding-day schedule, any special duties, and important contact information to your parents, the wedding party, and your wedding coordinator. Place final payments and cash tips into separate envelopes for each vendor. Give them to a trusted person to distribute on your wedding day.  Shop and pack for your honeymoon.

1 Day until the Wedding – Last-Minute Fixes!

Get your manicure and pedicure one day before your wedding. That way, you’ll avoid as much chipping as possible. Choose a nude colour that will minimize the appearance of any chips. Feeling like you need a last-minute tightening and toning?  Detoxifying body wraps are the fastest way to lose inches off of your figure. Although you’re just losing water weight, you’ll feel tighter and slimmer, and can also be confident that you’re keeping yourself healthy. Now go get married, gorgeous!

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