A Big Fat Traditional Hindu Wedding with a Twist

A Big Fat Traditional Hindu Wedding with a Twist

Photography: Fantasi Videography & Photography

Venue: Indaba Hotel

Wedding Planner: Yes We Do

It seems the way this couple met was a set-up; Prevlan and Dharishka were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  This friend clearly had an idea that the two were perfect for each other and exchanged their numbers.  Dharishka admits that Prevlan sent the first message and he insisted that she made him wait the whole day before replying.  Dharishka remembers it being only a few hours, however, and by her own admission, Dharishka says “and the rest, they say, is history…”

Dharishka must have known that Prevlan would someday propose, so she gave him a few rules to follow, and these included:

  • Ask for my parents blessing
  • Make it a complete surprise
  • Use my full name
  • Get down on one knee
  • Have someone catch it on camera
  • Make sure my nails are done

Dharishka says, “He followed all the rules, even to the extent of making the nail appointment for me.” That must have been an obvious clue that he was about to propose.

It was a lovely sunny summer’s day when the couple visited the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

As they walked through the beautiful gardens, they stopped at the alluring waterfall, where Dharishka insisted on taking photos. Standing there, holding hands Prev told her how much he loved her and in Dharishka’s mind the only thing missing was a ring. But then Prev took the ring box out of his pocket, opened it and asked “Dharishka Rampersad, will you marry me?” Without any hesitation, she said yes!!

Dharishka says, “We visited quite a few venues, but nothing compared to what The Indaba Hotel had to offer. I knew within seconds of walking inside, that this was going to be the venue. We loved the natural light, that created an airy romantic feel and it was big enough to cater for all our guests. The professionalism and helpfulness of the staff impressed us.” She describes their wedding as “magical!!”

As with most couples, opposites attract and Dharishka says that their personalities complement each other perfectly and each of them makes up for what the other lacks.  She says they both have wicked senses of humour and fortunately both of them are very ambitious .Dharishka admits that she is very OCD whereas Prev is way more laid back and it doesn’t faze him if the glasses are out of place, She also loves to plan everything and he on the other hand likes to go with the flow.

Their vision for their wedding was to have a traditional Hindu wedding but with a modern twist. They found the services of “Yes We Do” wedding planning tremendously helpful as they gave the best advice to make their dream wedding a reality.  Not only did they give advice, they made it all happen too!!  Fortunately the neutral colour scheme of the venue, allowed them to choose complementary pastel shades of pistachio green and mogul gold.  The statement they made at the entrance of the venue was in the form of a huge Ganesh (Hindu Deity – Remover of obstacles) surrounded by lit lamps and decorated with sweetmeats.  Guests could help themselves to this treat, and at the entrance or at the doorway; they offered more sweets upon arrival.  This is a symbol of Good Luck and Prosperity.

Dharishka says the entrance for the bridal entourage was very special.  “The Groom’s family was lead by a South Indian Classical Dancer, followed by the Flower girl dropping rose petals, then by the Groom’s Aunt carrying the traditional wedding garlands on a tray and then the Groom with his sister.”

Making a grand entrance herself, she and her entourage were led by a Bugal Band who specializes in Russom Chowki, playing a dholka and Clarinet. She was escorted by her father, followed by immediate family.

Most of the ideas for their wedding day were borne from visiting exhibitions and online. “The choice of flowers was crucial in that we wanted flowers that looked artificial but were really fresh, says Dharishka.  Their final choice was roses and anthiriums, in cream, pistachio green and blush pink.

“Like every other bride, I wanted to feel like a princess and I wanted my wedding saree to be timeless and different. I did not want the traditional full red saree” beams Dharishka. She settled for a stunning silk cream and red saree with detailed stone work along the edges.  She wanted her make-up to look as natural as possible, and to finish off her look, she chose a simple yet beautiful Kundan jewelry set that she knew would complement the saree very well.

The inspiration for the wedding cake was something Indian, choosing a rainbow vanilla cake with 3 tiers, with roses in between each layer.  The cake was decorated with a gold edible saree lacing, and an Indian Turban, keeping in line with their pistachio green and gold colour scheme.  Wedgewood Nougat Bars and Nougat biscuits were placed on each table for our guests to enjoy during the ceremony.

Dharishka says the first few days of their celebration was a little chilly, but the wedding day turned out to be perfect weather.  She adds “Our wedding day was the best day of our lives.  It was emotional, meaningful and above all it was fun and joyful. I would do it all over again tomorrow if I could.”

“Applying the dot and sindoor, tying the Thali and exchanging garlands were the most significant traditions for me. Sindoor is a traditional red or orange vermilion worn only by married women along the parting of their hair. The Thali, a Holy thread is a mark of respect, love and dignity presented to the bride by her husband during the auspicious hour of the marriage” Dharishka reminisces.

She further educates us by informing us that an Indian marriage is not considered to be complete until the bride and groom exchange garlands. This ritual is the symbol of unifying two souls. The garlands are made from threaded flowers. The flowers symbolize happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, aspiration, zeal and beauty and the thread is a medium to secure all those feelings and emotions.  The thread never leaves the company of the flowers, though they may lose their charm, the same way a wedded couple should never leave each other when they face the trails of life.

Dharishka’s advice is that it is worth spending more on your photographer; videographer and make-up artist. She also advised to not let your nerves get the better of you, stay calm and enjoy what will be the best day of your life.