A spectacular, well planned, exceptional Wedding Day

A spectacular, well planned, exceptional Wedding Day

Photographer: Christo Van Deventer

Mazeeda and Shafeeq met through their parents twelve years ago.  We think their parents knew they would be well suited for marriage; however, it took Shafeeq almost six years before he decided to even date Mazeeda. Then, after two years of dating, he planned his unexpected proposal during a family holiday in Cape Town.  He popped the question randomly on the docks in front of a huge ship; Mazeeda says all she can remember was the lights and just how perfect the proposal was.

This fun-loving couple, who love new adventures and meeting new people, joke and laugh a lot.   They are very compatible and hardly have differences, but when they do they know how to compromise.  Mazeeda says she is grateful and blessed to have such an amazing husband.

They planned a rather large wedding (450 guests to be exact) so the Indaba Hotel was the perfect choice.  It has everything a bride and groom needs to host a large functional wedding; from the huge, beautiful gardens and accessibility to everything from the chapel to the reception, to the lighting and the most accommodating and friendly staff. Indaba is a wish come true.

It’s so awesome to have family members who are talented enough to make wedding day dreams a reality, as was the case for this special couple.  Mazeeda’s mom was the wedding planner, designer, and everything in-between and Mazeeda says that she definitely describes their wedding as “SPECTACULAR! I didn’t have an actual theme, but I communicated the colour palette I love, and the look and feel I hoped for, which was a very modern, vintage summer feel with beautiful flowers, and my amazing mom made it all a reality. Huge flower arrangements in modern vintage vases using St. Joseph lilies as the main attraction were placed on each table, and shiny overlays which looked like crystals complemented all the other elements on the tables. These elements combined to make my décor and flower dreams come true” says Mazeeda.

“We were blown away when we walked into the reception area and saw the breath-taking décor and flowers.   We give all the credit to my Mom for her hard work; and also to both parents giving us the wedding of our dreams, without having to lift a finger” beams Mazeeda.

From a very young age it was always Mazeeda’s vision to have a wedding that had a very relaxed atmosphere. “I envisioned my guests feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves as well as the interaction and conversation with other guests “says Mazeeda. To make this a reality she chose to have a welcome drink in the foyer, and snacks and luxuries were served and soft music was played as the guests were being directed to their seats.  The convenient  layout of the tables allowed for their guests to easily move around and they were all served food and drinks at the tables and did not have to get up for anything. Exactly what she had dreamed of!

We asked Mazeeda how she achieved her wedding look and this was her response: “My wedding was an extremely long process; it was actually over 3 days so it was called a marathon wedding. I had three dresses, three pairs of shoes, three hairstyles and three different make-up looks. So at the end of it all I was drained!!! But on the main day, the 31st March 2018, I wanted to look like a princess. I wanted the big dress with a long train, soft make-up and I had it all. My make-up artist Qudsiya Benefeldt was absolutely amazing and she created the perfect look for me.  She opted for a soft pink eye-shadow, soft blush and a soft lipstick. My dress was very large with a huge amount of crystals on it as well as a two metre train. My headpiece was a traditional Malay headpiece that was pinned by my great aunt Suleigha Domingo. When choosing my shoes for my wedding I felt like I would really need a very comfortable shoe, so I decided to go with a plain silver shoe from Steve Madden.” smiles Mazeeda.

Mazeeda gave much thought to whom she wanted closest to her on her wedding day.  She says she kept a clear mind when choosing her bridesmaids, flower girls and miniature bride.  Her niece and nephew also played a big part in her wedding and she holds the two of them very close to her heart.  Mazeeda values her family and she says “what is more special than having your family near on your big day?” She says that both her husband and herself are hugely family orientated people and having family around was the best part of their wedding day.

The cake was a show-stopper; and Mazeeda, having designed the cake herself, chose a different flavour for each layer and praises her cake maker for being most accommodating to her requests.

One of the biggest surprises on her day was having family travelling all the way from Ireland to surprise her on her wedding day.” It was the most special moment any bride could ask for, especially when it is an aunt that you are extremely close to, cousins that you love to bits and pieces and an uncle that always makes you smile no matter what” beams Mazeeda.

When we asked Mazeeda what was special and or unique about your wedding, she said “My wedding was very special to me because it was a gift from my parents, my mom and dad had seen to everything and they created the exact look and vibe that I wanted. It was unique because it was a three day wedding, it was tiring but it was the most special time of my life. I had family around me all the time. It was AMAZING!!!”

And her pearls of wisdom to brides and grooms planning their wedding day is to enjoy every minute, take it all in, stay calm and everything will fall into place. Ensure you have the support you’ll need and just enjoy your day.  It a once-in-a-lifetime event so take lots of photos and have a videographer. Most importantly just smile through all the ups and even the downs.