A Grecian Inspired Beach Wedding which played out without a hitch!!

A Grecian Inspired Beach Wedding which played out without a hitch!!

Photographer: Kristi Smith-

After a long courtship, Timon and Ariel, finally tied the knot on the beach, the place they both love…

Talk about keeping it in the family, Ari met Timon through her uncle who, at the time, was dating Timon’s sister, now they are also a happily married couple!! She was a mere twenty years old, and they both admit that there was an instant attraction from the very beginning.   Fast forward six years and picture this couple on holiday in Mozambique.  It was December 2015, a sweltering hot day and Timon suggested a walk up the dunes.  Ari was a little annoyed at the thought of the hot, work out to get to the top, and this, on the first day of their holiday; however, it was all worth it, as Timon planned to propose at the top, on bended knee. Clearly a huge surprise awaited her.

Ari says that they are quite opposite in their characters, her displaying her emotions easily, whilst Timon remains calm, cool and collected under difficulties. They have, after seven years, not lost the joy and passion they found in each other, and still joke and tease each other in a childlike manner.  Ari says that the time they have spent together, now allows them to be both comfortable and spontaneous.

They both felt as if it was love at first sight when they found their venue, Palm Dunes. “We always wanted to get married on the beach, as my husband is originally from Natal, and a self-confessed surf and beach bum. We absolutely loved the tropical jungle vibe the venue had to offer, as well as the winding paths through beautiful scenery to a stunning wooden deck on the beach. It was everything we envisioned and more” beams Ari. When asked to describe their day, Ari uses words like “beachy simplicity”!!

When Ari found the gown she was going to walk down the aisle in, it happened to be a Grecians styled gown.  Inspired by the Grecian look she chose to carry the theme throughout the wedding and décor and had hanging wreathes of pennygum leaves as well as long table wreaths of leaves and flowers along the sides of the tables for the reception.  The theme was “simple beachy wedding” with lots of white and greenery, to enhance the natural beauty of the venue which has loads of green vegetation and of course the beach.

White roses, white orchids with lots of greenery, white lanterns as well as a stunning white and green arch completed the Grecian styled theme of their special day. Ari didn’t want the natural wood look of tables to be obscured by white chairs, so they had Perspex, transparent chairs which were perfect for the look she wanted to achieve.  The theme was extended to the beach deck where their vows were said, and at the deck where the musician played.  Picture a beautiful earthy French voice complete with hanging white lanterns from the trees.  All very romantic!!

We asked Ari how she achieved her wedding look; “My wedding look was Grecian. I fell in the love with one of the first dresses I tried on at Pronovias, which was a beautiful light, flowing gown with straps and a long train. I completed this with a silver leafy hairpiece along the braid at the back of my hair, as well as a pair of dangly plain teardrop earrings. I decided to pair this with silver strappy heels from Charles and Keith,” smiles Ari.

There was something so unique about their wedding cake, it happened to be coconut lamingtons, in fact a lamington tower instead of a wedding cake, topped off with a small chocolate ganache cake for cutting purposes. The cake was a clear hit with the guests.  Another hit was the French musician they had found on a previous little getaway to the coast, namely, Rene Tshiakanyi.  He is multitalented and can sing in many languages including French, Portuguese, Italian, English, Afrikaans and more.  He had made a distinct impression on them and they felt blessed that he could perform at their wedding.

Choosing wedding favours was the easy part as Ari grew up on an olive farm (no wonder she has such beautiful skin), and her mom makes and cures the best olives, in her opinion.  So, voila, the guests were all given a jar of mom’s special olives.

Reminiscing about the highlights of her day, Ari says that walking down the aisle was definitely the best part.  She says it was something she had been pondering for months, and when the moment finally arrived, the look on her husband’s face is something she will never forget!! She says that her wedding was amazing and adds that she is sure all brides say this about theirs, however, what she thinks made hers so special is that although it was an intimate wedding, she had her nearest and dearest there and they could interact with each and every guest in a personal way.  She says that there was nothing that went wrong at all, and they felt incredibly blessed on their special day.

Ari’s advice to brides and grooms planning their weddings is simple but very wise.  She says,” just enjoy the planning, (as stressful as it can be) while it lasts. As clichéd as it seems, time has never flown by quite as fast as it did on our wedding day, but I loved every moment. Also, make sure to do a food tasting. It sounds obvious, but this is one of the main things guests remember about a wedding, the fooooooood!!”